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Nursery Inspiration: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

Nursery Inspiration: 5 Tips for Decorating Your Nursery

It's easy to feel overwhelmed when searching endless #NurseryInspo pictures on top of all of the other overwhelming things you experience while pregnant. When I was preparing my nursery, I could feel my stress levels rising when I'd come across all of the Pinterest-Perfect themes that were in no way practical. Of course "nesting" was happening and I LOVE to decorate, but thinking about all of the things that babies come with sent me into a head spin.

Below are a few tips and reminders that helped me prepare my baby's nursery!

Create Storage for your Baby's Nursery.

You can never have enough storage when it comes to kids! Blankets, stuffed animals, toys, books, all take up more space than you think. You can easily mask the clutter in bookshelves or adorable storage baskets like Parker Baby Co.'s Rope Storage Basket. I have one for laundry and one for quilts and swaddles! Diaper Caddies are also a cute way to keep everything organized (and at-reach) while freeing up more space in the dresser.

Incorporate Touches in your Baby's Nursery from People who Love Them.

Especially if you live far away from friends and family, I recommend adding elements that bring your loved ones into the room, like antiques, childhood toys, and photos. 

You Don’t Need Everything to Be Nursery or Baby-Specific.

You can usually find relatively inexpensive, stylish versions of dressers, lamps, and storage bins that aren’t labeled “nursery”. Don’t be afraid to use other items in your house for the nursery too. I took my old college Ikea shelves to make a bookshelf for the nursery!

Don’t Hold Back Your Nursery Decor Dreams.

If you want to go cutesy, now is the time to do it! They’re only babies for a little bit, so enjoy that precious time while they can’t complain about your choices in décor.

Don’t Beat Yourself up Over Creating a Pinterest-Perfect Nursery.

On the flip side of #4, babies don’t care what the nursery will look like. Babies don’t need much room and they truly won’t care if their room is HGTV-ready. They care about eating, sleeping, and pooping. If your nursery isn’t Instagram-worthy, I can bet you 1 million dollars that your baby sure is :) 

Check out a few of our very own nursery tours for more inspiration:

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