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Parker Baby Co.'s 8th Birthday: 8 Milestones Throughout the Years

Parker Baby Co.'s 8th Birthday: 8 Milestones Throughout the Years

It's Parker Baby Co.'s 8th birthday, and we are getting teary-eyed looking back on 8 amazing years of growth.

We wanted to share a bit of our story with you today - so here are 8 huge milestones that tell Parker Baby Co.'s story over the past 8 years:

Pssst! Before you keep reading, don't miss our latest interview with the founders, where they talk about how Parker Baby Co. started 8 years ago...

1. "The Good Baby" Created in 2015

In 2015, our founders Sam and Kirsten started their family with twin baby girls.

Going through twice the diapers, baby products, and supplies - they quickly realized how important it was to invest in baby products that made their lives simpler. And when products didn't live up to their expectations, Kirsten knew she could design a better version.

Old Parker Baby Co. Products

After hearing "I could totally make this better" a few too many times, Sam suggested starting a side hustle baby product business. So "The Good Baby" was born - and our first bandana bibs started rolling into homes!

2. Sam Goes Full Time

"The Good Baby" started taking off - and pretty soon, it outgrew being called a side hustle. After a few months of working late into the night after the twins were put to bed, Sam decided to help with the Good Baby full time. So they took the leap, he quit his day job in finance, and they started scaling the Good Baby from home full time.

3. The Birch Bag is Born

Moms Wearing Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

Soon after taking the full time leap, Kirsten started designing a diaper backpack that would not only simplify parent's lives, but feel modern and aesthetic too. After taking in feedback from all her mom friends, she designed the Birch Bag - one of our core products here at Parker Baby Co.

Now our Birch Bag comes in 3 different colors and two styles, with more on the horizon. It's crazy thinking how far it's come!

4. First Official Hire!

Eventually even Sam and Kirsten got overwhelmed with the workload, so they started looking for their first hire.

At the time, Sam's sister Jessica worked in marketing and loved giving them advice on their journey. Always a phone call away when Sam or Kirsten needed advice on the business, she was such a natural first hire for "The Good Baby."

Jessica with her Niece

They hired Jessica and the Good Baby grew to a 3-person team. Many say it's a bad idea to work with family, but with Jess, it was an entirely different story. She elevated the business and is our marketing manager queen to this day! 

5. Rebranding to Parker Baby Co.

After hiring Jess, Sam and Kirsten received news that they wouldn't be able to keep the name "The Good Baby" because it belonged to a different company. It was a setback they didn't expect, and with the company being so new, they were nervous it wouldn't survive rebranding.

They decided to rename their company "Parker Baby Co." after the city they started their family in. It was terrifying to change their business's entire name - but looking back, it was just another milestone in the journey.

6. Rooted Begins

Parker Baby Co. Rooted Community

Not long after rebranding, Kirsten and Sam hired Emma, our amazing Customer Experience Specialist. They worked together to start Rooted, our Facebook community of incredible moms. Rooted is such an integral part of the Parker Baby Co. community, and it's crazy to look back at how small it started. Today Rooted has over 1,200 members!

7. We Move to the Warehouse

Parker Baby Co. was getting a little too big to keep running out of Sam and Kirsten's garage, so they started looking for a warehouse (they felt a little bad overwhelming the mail man with dozens of packages to pick up every day;).

They found one close to home and moved their entire business over - and it was a huge milestone in Parker Baby Co.'s journey.

8. Our Team Now Has 10 Members!

Over the past 3 years, Kirsten and Sam have hired 8 new members! Shortly after hiring Emma, they hired Sarah, our awesome Paid Social Media Manager. Then they hired Annabelle (that's me!) who started as an assistant and is now Parker Baby Co.'s Copywriter & Creative Specialist.

Since then they've hired Jordyn (our amazing Graphic Designer), Judith (incredible HR), Tabi (Social Media Coordinator who absolutely crushes it), Lindsay (absolutely awesome Warehouse Manager), Mauricio (super cool Supply Chain Coordinator), and Sarah D. (our wonderful Social Media & Content Specialist)!

Parker Baby Co. Team

Our team is still growing, because Parker Baby Co. is growing - and we are so excited about it.

To learn more about Parker Baby Co.'s story and our team, check out our About Us page here!

We can't wait to see where Parker Baby Co. will go in the next 8 years - and we love having you along for the journey. Thank you so much for your love and support throughout the years, we truly wouldn't be here today without you! From the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU. You are everything to us here on the Parker Baby Co. team.

Before you go, make sure to check out our favorite Parker Baby products throughout the years - these are the golden oldies;)...

Baby Wearing Drool Bandana Bibs

^^ One of our first products at Parker Baby Co., our Drool Bandana Bibs will always be a staple. Our goal was to make our bibs better than the rest so you don't have to worry about your baby soaking through. Grab a set here!

Felt Diaper Caddy for New Parents

^^ Inspired by Sam & Kirsten's 3rd daughter Greta, our Felt Diaper Caddies are here to simplify your changing routine. Order from our 3 colors here!

Birch Bag Diaper Backpack for New Parents

^^ Core to our brand here at Parker Baby Co., our Birch Bag will always have a special place in our hearts. Pick from our colors and styles here to simplify your life today!

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