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Registry Must-Haves

Registry Must-Haves

Finding all the right gear for one of the biggest changes in your life can be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you are like Sam and me, and want to do your research on everything!

Because our first two kids were twins, we did sooo much research and have been able to use a lot of their stuff for our next couple of kids. We really looked at our purchases as investments, knowing we wanted more babies! Here is a compilation of what we have loved and use with our babes the most (and what not to put on a baby registry).

Nursery Must-Haves

Crib - We have loved our cribs from both Walmart and from West Elm. Just double check that there are no gaps larger than two fingers between the sides of the crib and the mattress.

Crib mattress - We used this spring mattresses for the twins and this memory foam mattress for Greta and Baby Boy. I have REALLY loved the memory foam mattress. It's two sided - one side is firmer for when your babe is an infant, and the other side is softer for your growing toddler.

Crib sheets - Get 2-3 sets! We have used everything from cotton to muslin to jersey cotton. Loved them all!

Mattress protector - Keep your mattress safe from the blow outs and spit up! This is the one we've used for all our kids.

Changing pad - We used this one for all our kids and kept it in their nurseries.

Changing pad cover - Find one that matches your nursery and get a couple for when babe has a blow out and pees all over 😉

Parker Baby Co Rope Storage Basket

Storage - I love these to keep the thousand baby blankets and swaddles I have! Obviously, the Parker Baby Storage Bin is our favorite;-) Pretty and portable.

Velcro swaddles - YES!!! My best friends. My babes loved being swaddled! We have used every kind under the sun, but our favorites were the Swaddle Me ones for when they are newborns and the HALO SleepSack for the next few months.

Muslin swaddle blankets - Like I said, my kids have loved to be swaddled, so when they are newborns, I double swaddled (muslin blanket swaddle, then velcro swaddle over that). These are also great to do a light swaddle during naps and when you're running out and about.

Diaper Pail - We've used the Diaper Genie for all our kids! We keep it in the nursery.

Baby monitor - We have used a video monitor for all our kids. Don't even try to do your research on these things. They are all terrible. We are currently using a Motorolla video monitor and it does what we need!

Gear Must-Haves

Stroller - We have owned a ton of strollers in the past three years. The Bob Double Jogger, the Double Snap and Go, the Double City Mini, the City Mini, a double umbrella stroller, and a couple umbrella strollers. We've honestly loved them all!

Stroller with click attachments for car seat - so you can just click your infant car seat into the stroller! Carrying the infant carseat around can get pretty heavy.

Infant carseat - Do your research! With the twins it was important that they were light because there were times I was carrying both carseats by myself.

Pack N Play - Personally, I think any Pack N Play will do!

Rock N Play- I LOVE THIS THING. Super light and easy to take places or to have on different levels of the house.

Car seat base - This should come with your car seat, but make sure to get one for each car you have.

Back seat mirror - So you can see your sweet babe while you're driving.

Parker Baby Co. Diaper Backpack - The Birch Bag

Diaper bag - I know of the perfect diaper backpack! Holds everything you could need and is adorable if I do say so myself 😉

Baby lounger - This is another life saver in our house! I have a couple and keep them all over the place for a nice place to lay baby down.

Pacifiers - I always keep a couple different brands to try. 

Feeding Must-Haves

Breast Pump and accessories - Make sure you talk to your insurance company! They will cover a pump for you. 

Nursing Pillow - For the twins we loved the Double Breast Friend Pillow, and for my other two babes I use the Boppy.

Nursing bra - Find a couple you love and make the investment!

Nursing cover - I love the multi-use covers! Multi-purpose as a car seat cover and for grocery carts!

Burp cloths - Whatever you get, make sure they are big. Trust me.

High chair - We have used the Ikea High Chairs for all the kids and LOVE IT! Simple, easy to clean, and compact.

Bath & Diapering Must-Haves

Diaper caddy - These are so great for different changing stations around the house. I pack it full of all the things listed below. 

Diapers - We are a Costco Diaper Family 😊

Wipes - Costco again!

Diaper rash cream - You might have to try a couple brands or home remedies to find what works for your babe. 

Infant tub - Or just use the sink!

Hooded towel - These are great too! Little babies get so cold when they get out of the bath.

Baby washcloths - Make sure they are soft and small enough. 

Baby shampoo and soap - Again, you will have to try different brands to find what works for your baby. If your baby has sensitive skin, stay away from Johnsons.

Baby lotion

White noise machine - Love these things.

Nose Frida - YOU NEED THIS! And it's not gross, I promise.

Baby nail clippers


Clothing Must-Haves

Bibs - For spitty and drooly babies, these are great 😊

Baby safe detergent - In case baby has sensitive skin.

Onsies - Get a TON of these. Between blow outs and spit up, you could go through 3-4 a day.

Pajamas - Do not waste your time with button PJs! Do your husband a favor and get the zipper ones. 


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