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23 Simple & Doable Self Care Ideas for Moms

23 Simple & Doable Self Care Ideas for Moms

April 5th is National Self Care Day - and you know we had to feature some self care tips for you, mama!

Mamas, we know you know self care is important. We don't need to tell you that taking care of yourself is just as important as taking care of your kiddos, and that loving yourself helps you love your family better each day. The true issue is how and when can you fit self care in?

Your schedule is busy, you're probably getting subpar sleep, and it's tough to squeeze in a shower, let alone an extensive self care routine.

That's why we compiled these 23 tips, all super doable no matter how busy you are. We made sure to keep them all within one hour, so you can squeeze them into your tight schedule.

The better you take care of yourself, the better you can take care of your family. Here's to self care mamas - you got this.

1. Take a Trip to the Gym

Moving your body every day does wonders for your mental and physical health, and taking a quick trip to the gym is a great self care option. Begin a gym membership at a gym with a daycare so you can drop your kiddos off for a quick workout, or do a home workout (they are just as productive and fun, and you don't need much equipment!) If you're looking for a good gym bag, our Birch Bag Mini is the perfect size for a quick trip to the gym!

2. Spa Night

You know those face masks collecting dust in your bathroom cabinets? It's time to bust them out. During naptime or after your kids go to bed, fill the bath, pour yourself a glass of wine, and put on a face mask. Take time plucking your eyebrows, doing you whole skincare routine, and watching your favorite show while you soak. A good spa night does wonders every once in a while.

3. Journal

Journaling is such a healthy habit to keep. It clears your mind each day, helps you focus where you need to, and helps you process your thoughts externally. You'll be surprised when you realize just how many of your thoughts are weighing you down, and letting them go is quite cathartic. If you're looking for a good journal caddy, our Felt Diaper Caddies are the perfect option.

4. Coffee & Bluey

Sometimes it do be like that mamas 😅 You're going to have days when all you need is a break, and that's okay. Turn on Bluey (or your child's favorite show) and pour yourself a cup of coffee so you can relax for half an hour. It's okay to take a break - recognizing you need that break is admirable and honestly the best thing for your kids in that moment.

5. Find Time for Friends

When life gets filled with breastfeeding, work, cleaning the house, nap times, sport practices, and laundry, it's easy to neglect your friends. But hanging out with them does you some serious good. Schedule a coffee date with a close friend once a month, and try to plan ahead so you can find the right childcare for your coffee date. A good conversation with a friend is so healthy and refreshing!

Group of Moms with Diaper Backpacks

6. Meal Plan

Tired of cooking every single day? Meal planning is a good way to prepare and take some of the load off your back. Spend one day each week planning out your meals, getting all the groceries for them, and chopping things in advance. You can even cook some basic components ahead of time like rice and chicken. If that feeling of being prepared is relaxing for you, this is a great self care option.

7. Take a Class

Maybe you want to learn something new - your curiosity doesn't have to die after having kiddos! Take an online class on something you're excited about, even if it's out of your comfort zone. Without the pressure of keeping perfect grades and with the intent of just learning something new, you'll find it to be relaxing and fun.

8. Get Your Nails Done

If you love getting your nails done but struggle to find the time, prioritize it this month! Grab a friend or two to tag along and take an hour to give your nails a makeover. If you have a little extra time, adding on a pedicure and manicure isn't a bad idea;)

9. Pray Daily

One of my favorite practices of self care is daily prayer. Begin each day by spending time to be still, verbally getting things off your chest, and being intentional with your mindset. And on the busy mornings, it only takes a minute or two! When you start your day on the right foot, your whole day has a more positive, energized outlook.

10. Stretch

Stretching is so good for your body and mind. It's a great (and fast) way to move your body, take a few moments to yourself, and recenter before you keep going. And you can fit in your day easily - some stretches only take a few moments!

11. Sketch

If sketching or coloring are relaxing to you, take time each day (even if it's only a few minutes) to fit it in! If it brings you joy and relaxes you, it's a great fast way to take care of yourself as a mama. And if you haven't tried coloring or sketching yet, give it a shot. It's not for everyone, but it may become your new favorite self care pastime.

12. Declutter or Organize Something

If decluttering or organizing is cathartic for you, this is a great (and productive haha!) way to relax each day. Organize your tupperware drawer (it always needs help it seems), go through your nail polish and throw out the old ones, or clean out your fridge. You can easily fit in organizing while your kids are playing or napping, so it's easy to squeeze into your schedule! And if you need some new storage options, check out our Organization and Storage products - they're stylish and functional.

Diaper Caddy for Nursery Organization

13. Listen to a Podcast

If you're a podcast listener, pop in those earbuds mama. You might have time when you're nursing or driving - whenever you have a quiet half hour, take advantage of it! Pull out your favorite podcasts and listen to a new episode. You deserve a moment to listen, learn, and relax.

14. Go for a Walk

I love this one because it's easy to do with kids! Even if the weather's crummy, bundle up and get outside even if it's just for a few minutes (don't forget your car seat cover to keep baby sheltered from the wind!). Being out in nature is peaceful, relaxing, and calming. And taking your kids to the park is a great way to entertain them for an hour or two.

15. Call a Friend

If you can't find time to grab coffee, call a friend and talk for awhile! You can still have an awesome conversation even it's not face-to-face, and it's refreshing hearing new voices from time to time.

16. Read Your Latest Favorite Novel

Surfing Instagram is usually draining and unhealthy, so instead of whipping out your phone when you have a spare minute, pull out your favorite book! Maybe it's a fantasy page-turner you're hooked on or an interesting memoir - find something you're excited to read and spend time each day reading just a few pages.

17. Cook Your Favorite Meal

You don't always have to cook something new and exciting, and there's something fun and relaxing about cooking your go-to favorite meal. Enjoy your time in the kitchen by preparing only your favorites one night.

18. List 5 Things You're Thankful For

My husband and I love sharing 5 things we're thankful for at dinner time each day, and it's a great way to maintain an attitude of thankfulness throughout the week. List out 5 things you're thankful for (to your husband, friend, or just in your journal), and you'll be surprised how it can change your whole outlook on the day in moments.

Mom Holding Baby with Baby Accessories

19. Hire a Sitter for Date Night

Date night is so important as you maintain a fun, intimate, and sweet relationship with your husband. Splurge on a babysitter you trust and plan a date night twice a month if you can. Dress up or go casual - whatever is most relaxing for you and your husband!

20. Go to Bed Early

There's no rule saying you have to stay up until a certain hour, and when good sleep is so scarce, you'll take what you can get. Try going to bed the same time as your kids to get a few extra hours and set yourself up for success the next day. Catching up on sleep is huge for your mental health, and this is a great way to do it.

21. Sing in the Shower

You might feel silly, but just go for it! Take a long shower, queue up your speaker with your favorite songs, and sing your heart out. Don't worry about being too loud - just let it go. This is so fun and goofy, you can't help but be in a good mood afterwards.

22. Shop for Yourself (& Only Yourself)

No kid clothes or groceries allowed! Go shopping for just yourself - pick out a new outfit or necklace, get a new face lotion, or try on a new pair of shoes. Treat yo'self mama - you deserve it from time to time!

23. Be Still

Sometimes you only have a moment to yourself. There are days when all you get is 60 seconds of silence. There are going to be tough days as a mama, but you can always find a moment each day to be still. Close your eyes and think about the beauty in your life - there are a lot of things to be thankful for here. It might not always be easy, but it is always worth it and always, always beautiful.

It's not easy being a mommy, and we commend you. You're doing amazing, and we are so proud of you! Take care of yourself mama, you go this ♥️

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