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Top 10 Tips on How to Organize Baby Clothes

Top 10 Tips on How to Organize Baby Clothes

Organizing closets and dressers is already a chore, but organizing baby clothes is a different animal entirely. Babies grow so quickly, and all those little clothes are tough to organize!

We've put together 10 tips on how to organize baby clothes and how to organize baby closet and dressers below. Nursery organization doesn't have to be overwhelming! Here are our 10 tips:

1. Use a Spacious Hamper

Baby Hamper in Baby Nursery

Mamas, we're sure you're quite familiar with the never-ending stream of laundry. It's important to have a laundry hamper you can trust. Our hampers are sturdy, oversized, aesthetic, and perfectly soft and bendable for a nursery. Set it in your baby's closet and it will be out of the way.

2. Use Drawer Dividers

Drawer Dividers for Nurser Organization and Storage

A great solution on how to organize baby clothes is by using drawer dividers! There are tons of options on Amazon, but these wooden ones are classy and functional. You can also buy plastic separators and little baskets to separate your smaller items like socks and bloomers, too. Either way, grabbing dividers is a nursery organization must.

3. Donate Wrong Season Baby Clothes

Donation Basket Nursery Organization and Storage

Sometimes you're gifted adorable baby clothes that are just the wrong season. Being gifted a 3 month warm fleece sleeper when your baby is born in June is sadly pretty common. As cute as those gifts are, your baby won't be able to wear them and it will just clutter their closet. So donate it! Hopefully another family will enjoy it more. And voila - your baby's closet is much less crowded.

4. Organize with Baskets

Rope Diaper Caddy Basket Nursery Organization

If your nursery has a closet, don't just utilize the hanging rack. Store harder to hang items in baskets like blankets, swaddles, or bedding. You can even keep baby hair accessories in a caddy like this one for easy access and clean organization. And for larger items, check out these cute crate options on Amazon. Using baskets is a great solution for how to organize baby closets.

5. "File Fold" Clothes in a Dresser

File Folding Baby Clothes for Nursery Oraganization

"File Folding" just allows you to see everything in your baby's dresser drawers without having to dig for it. It takes a little extra time to make sure everything is folded nicely in file fashion, but the extra effort is worth it! You won't lose any of your baby's outfits at the bottom of the drawer, and it looks so satisfying. Read this guide on how to file fold baby clothes if you need some extra direction!

6. Use the Back of Your Closet Door

Nursery Closet Storage Door Hanger

Don't have much room in a tiny closet? Grab a closet door organizer to maximize the space. You can tuck tiny shoes, hair accessories, and even socks in the pockets to free up some extra room in your baby's dresser or closet. Plus, when the closet door is closed, you won't even be able to tell it's there!

7. Free Up Drawer Room by Having a Diaper Caddy

Diaper Caddy on Changing Table Dresser

Diapers, wipes, and cream take up precious storage space in your baby's dresser. Instead of reserving a whole drawer to diaper supplies, grab a diaper caddy that can rest on your changing table! This will allow you to use the top dresser drawers for socks, onesies, and hair accessories only. And if you need to grab some diapers on the go, our caddies have sturdy handles for travel!

8. Have a Designated Space for Hand-Me-Downs

Rope Storage Cube for Nursery Storage

Since babies grow out of clothes so quickly, it's important to have a designated spot for hand-me-downs. Whether you intend on saving your baby clothes for the next baby, or you have a bunch of clothes from other mamas who have lent to you - it's important to have a place for them. These rope storage cubes work great for hand-me-down organization and they fit perfectly into cube storage shelves. Otherwise, simple plastic bins are a great option.

9. Keep a Donation Bin in the Closet

Rope Storage Basket for Nursery Organization

Just like it's important to keep a hand-me-down basket in your baby's closet, it's also important to have a donation bin! Babies outgrow clothes so quickly, and if you have no need to keep them, it's best to get them out of the way and donate them. Keep an open basket in your closet for easy access.

10. When They Move Up a Size, Reorganize (About Every 3 Months)

Diaper Caddy in Nursery Baby Girl Closet

The trickiest part on how to organize baby clothes? Keeping up with how fast they grow! Once your baby moves up a size (usually every 3-ish months), take an hour to pull out old clothes, refold new sizes, donate stuff you don't need, and add to your hand-me-down basket. This will keep your baby's closet and dresser fresh!

Those are the best 10 tips we could think of, but the most important thing is keeping a clean, safe space for your baby. Your nursery isn't always going to be organized - that's life! Give yourself grace, make memories with your baby, and have fun organizing their clothes. Happy organizing mamas!

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