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Traveling with Little Ones: 13 Must-Haves You'll Want to Pack

Traveling with Little Ones: 13 Must-Haves You'll Want to Pack

Traveling with babies and toddlers takes a lot more prep - but making memories as a family is always worth it🥹

We sifted through hundreds of products, traveled with kids ourselves, and finally built the perfect list - and now it's yours. Here are 13 MUST haves for traveling with babies, toddlers, and kids!

1. Tushbaby Carrier

Tushbaby Carrier for Travel

We love Tushbaby because it's great for travel, home life, and everything in between. If baby is going through a clingy phase, keep your hands free by resting them on the Tushbaby. It's great for walking around the city or the beach with baby on vacation!

2. Car Diaper Caddy

Car Diaper Caddy for Traveling with Babies

One of our favorite ways to use our Diaper Caddy is as a car caddy! It fits perfectly on the floor in front of a seat, and holds all your essentials. Roadtrip diaper changes are easier, snacks are within arm's reach, and iPads have a designated place. Pick your favorite color here!

3. Hanging High Chair

Hanging High Chair for Travel

You might have a beloved high chair at home, but it's far too bulky to bring with you on trips. Meet the hanging high chair: compact, easy to install in any hotel or airbnb, and comfortable for baby.

4. Comotomo Bottles

Comotomo Baby Bottles for Traveling with Babies

We believe Comotomo bottles are must-haves at home, but they're even more helpful while you travel with baby! They keep pumping or feeding easy, with simple maintenance. Plus, they fit perfectly in the side pocket on your Birch Bag.

5. Baby Toothbrushes

Baby Toothbrushes for Travel

Don't forget baby's toothbrush too! These are disposable (so it's no big deal if you lose one or two on your trip) and they keep teeth brushing simple and easy. Plus, they are so compact and small! Great for tucking in a tight suitcase or toiletries bag.

6. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

Birch Bag Diaper Backpack for Traveling

Our Birch Bag Diaper Backpack is the ideal backpack for traveling with littles! It has a built in changing pad, stroller hooks, insulated bottle pockets on both sides, and a mommy pocket on the front to store your valuables. With 10+ pockets, you'll stay organized on any trip! Order your favorite color here.

7. Travel Goodie Bags

Goodie Bags for Traveling with Toddlers

More than a "mom hack" than a product - but I had to include it! Go to the dollar store or $5 section a Target and grab a bunch of goodies for each of your kids. They can be tiny toys, small crafts, fidgets, or snacks. Find a cute bag and pack everything inside. While you're traveling, let your kids open one thing from their goodie bags each hour. It keeps them distracted and entertained for the whole trip!

8. Portable Sound Machine

Portable Sound Machine for Traveling with Babies

Forget bringing your whole nighttime setup from home - bring a portable sound machine instead! Napping on the go is easy to set up, and it's so compact it can hang from your diaper bag easily.

9. Portable Pod or Portable Toddler Bed

Baby and Toddler Beds for Travel

There are more compact options for sleeping than a pack-and-play! A sleeping pod for baby or portable toddler bed for your toddler is a compact way to bring a comfortable sleep setup for your kids. Well worth the investment!

10. Kids Headphones

Headphones for Toddlers Travel

If you believe in iPads while you travel, these kids headphones are a must! They're affordable, reliable, and come in fun colors for your kids to choose. They can also quiet loud noises!

11. Hooded Bath Towel

Mom Holding Baby Wearing Towel for Travel

You might be fine relying on hotel towels, but it's always good having towels for your littles on hand. Our Hooded Bath Towels are buttery soft, thick, and absorbent for bath time on the go. They're also great for drying off after the pool, beach, or lake day! Grab an infant or toddler size here.

12. Portable Blackout Curtains

Portable Blackout Curtains for Babies Traveling

Changing a nap or bedtime routine while you travel can be difficult, but bringing portable blackout curtains helps! No matter where the sun is, your baby can sleep soundly in your hotel room. It's especially helpful for jet lag!

13. Meal Time Essentials Set

Eating Set for Babies While Traveling

Eating on the go is simpler when you have this set. It has everything you need, created in easy to wipe or wash silicone. Plus, small Tupperware for baby food and snacks are lifesavers!

The Memories Are Worth It

Traveling is intimidating with little ones, no doubt. But we hope you feel prepared to make sweet memories as a family with these helpful products! There might be stress in the moment, but the memories are priceless - so good luck mama, you got this;)

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