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We are having a...!!!!

We are having a...!!!!

After three girls, we are finally having our first baby boy!!

I hate surprises, so even waiting a couple days to find out was torture. I honestly do not understand how people can wait til the baby is born to find out the gender. I think it has something to do with my need to plan and just being a super impatient person.

Our best friends are due three days after us so we had a blast doing a joint Gender Reveal Party surrounded by our closest friends and family. We planned on having the party in our back yard, but it rained basically the whole time! We grilled burgers and bratwursts under an umbrella and mingled inside.

I had blue and pink necklaces for people to "vote" what each family was having and the chalkboard had Amy and my answers to the old wives tales predictions. Sam thought we would wait for a break in the rain to pop the balloons, but of course I could not wait. So confetti all over the house it was!

Amy and Paul are having a girl! It was so fun to have both pink and blue.

What do you think about the new Gender Reveal Party trend? And what are the most creative gender reveal party ideas that you have seen? Boy or girl, we love them all the same <3

Here are some unique Gender Reveal Party ideas you can use for your gender reveal:

Gender Reveal Balloon


Cupcakes (ours were made by Amy)

Here are some creative Gender Reveal Party ideas!
Old Wives Tale questions:
Morning sickness YES or NO
Baby’s Heart Rate <140bpm or >140bpm
Carrying Baby HIGH or LOW
Head Aches YES or NO
Cravings SALTY or SWEET
Mom's Guess
Dad's Guess

Fun Blue and Pink Gender Reveal Party Ideas:
Beaded Necklaces for Guests to Vote
Blue and Pink Lemonade
Hamburgers and Hot Dogs :)
Blue and Pink Rock Candy
Blue and Pink Cupcakes

Gender Neutral Gifts for a Gender Reveal Party:
Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy
Parker Baby Co. The Birch Bag
Classic Books: Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, Oh, The Places You’ll Go
Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush/Teether


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