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17 Spring Activities to Try with Your Kids

17 Spring Activities to Try with Your Kids

Spring is here - but how should you spend it with your kids? Here are 15 spring activity ideas to try with your kids... we know you'll find something on this list they love!

1. Run Through the Sprinklers

Spring is in the air, and we're finally starting to see some of those sunny days. When it's warm out, seize the opportunity and turn on the sprinklers! You might think 60s or 70s are too cold, but your kids will think otherwise (LOL). Throw on their swimsuits, get some warm towels ready, and let them splash around in the yard while you read your favorite book - fun for hours.

2. Start a Garden

Starting a garden might sound intimidating, but it is much more doable than you think! Gardening with kids can be rewarding, fun, educational, and a great way to fill up your spring afternoons. Follow our tips on gardening with kids to get started.

3. Do Some Spring Baking

Spring baking is all about those bright, springy flavors and vibrant pops of color. Get creative with your kids and spend an afternoon baking! You can bake for a lemonade stand, gifts for your neighbors, or your own treats at home. Follow some recipes here (they all look so tasty).

4. Go On a Picnic

Spring activities with kids don't have to be complicated! Often, it's as simple as getting outside and enjoying the sunshine. Pack some food and a picnic blanket and head to your local park. Then enjoy your lunch while your kids run around the playground. Simple but classic!

5. Make Your Own Spring Bouquets

Nothing makes your home feel more like spring than a fresh bouquet of spring flowers. Take a hike with your kids and pick wildflowers to build your own bouquets for home! Or, if you don't have many wildflowers nearby, head to your local supermarket and build a custom bouquet together with your kids - they will love getting to pick out their own colors with you!

Baby Girl Holding Flower in Bandana Bib

6. Make a Birdhouse

Making birdhouses with your kids is doable and so fun. Gather materials you have lying around the house and spend an afternoon building a home for your local birds. Check the bird house every day with your little ones to see if you have any visitors! This activity is rewarding and educational for your kids, which is a mom win in my book.

7. Make Your Own Bubbles

If your kid loves bubbles but you're tired of buying those tiny bottles (that inevitably spill), you need to try this! Making your own bubbles only takes three ingredients, and you can blow some huge bubbles with it! Just reuse the wands you have from leftover bubble containers you've collected through the years. Your kids will love this spring activity.

8. Fly a Kite

Spring can get windy, but that doesn't mean you're stuck inside. Take an afternoon to fly kites with your kids! It might take a few tries to get your kite off the ground, but once you do, it's instant entertainment. You can even make a kite at home if you don't already have one on hand.

9. Get Crafty

There are tons of spring crafts for kids out there (like painting rocks!), and they can easily fill your afternoons with creative play. You can get some ideas here. Most of them use stuff you already have lying around the house, and they are perfect if your child already has an artistic flair.

10. Read Spring Books with Your Kids

Head to your local library and pick out a few spring themed books to read with your kids! Check out this list for some books you might want to look out for while you scan the bookshelves. Spring is such a fun time with kids, and the books might give your children even more creative ideas on how to spend their time this spring.

11. Visit the Farmer's Market

Spring is the time farmer's markets start to flourish, so contribute to your local businesses and visit with your kids! Talk about where local produce comes from and why it's important to support local farms as you go. You might even pick out a few things to take home! This is a fun weekend tradition to keep up this spring.

Mom Holding Baby and Baby Quilt

12. Wash Your Car

Have a dirty car from all those winter storms? Turn all that grime into an opportunity for a fun afternoon with your kids. The next time a warm afternoon rolls by, pull out your hose, bucket, and soap and start scrubbing! You might be surprised to see how fun washing a car can be for your kids. Wash, rinse, and dry for a fun (and productive) spring afternoon.

13. Do Chalk Art

Remember during Covid when everyone wrote encouraging messages on their driveways? Well we think it's a tradition that shouldn't end. Grab some chalk and decorate your driveway with your kids one afternoon. Fill it with pictures, words of encouragement, or even bible verses! Dad will be pleasantly surprised when he pulls into the driveway after work;).

14. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

Encourage your kids to explore nature this spring by setting up a scavenger hunt. Fill a list with spring items like wildflowers, pinecones, feathers, and rolly-pollies. Then send your kids outdoors to find them all! If they complete your list, a great reward might be one of those spring desserts listed above;).

15. Decorate Your Windows

If you've never let your kids decorate your windows, you need to try it. Buy washable window markers for your kids and let them go to town with spring artwork and encouraging messages for anyone who drives by. They will love the creative freedom to draw on the windows!

Hopefully these spring activities give you a few ideas for how to spend spring with your kids this year! While the weather's warming up, it's so important to get outside and soak up all the sunshine you can - it's been a long winter. You're doing amazing mama - keep it up!

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