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4 Ways to Switch up Your Baby's Environment

4 Ways to Switch up Your Baby's Environment

Guest post written by Brand Ambassador: Rachael Brueck 

As parents we do our best to keep babies happy, healthy, and (sometimes hardest of all) entertained! It’s easy to feel frustrated when your baby gets bored after just a few minutes of playing with a toy. When you notice your baby getting restless or bored, you might want to try changing up the environment!

Here are 4 easy ways to switch up activities and keep your baby stimulated.

Go For a Walk! 

Going on a walk is a super simple way to recapture your baby’s attention. The outdoors are full of stimulation for almost all of the baby’s senses! There are clouds to see, animals to hear, wind to feel, and plants to smell. 

In addition to stimulation, going for a walk has many benefits for you and your baby. You'll both get fresh air and a change of scenery. Exposure to daylight can help your baby with day/night confusion. As the parent, you get to move your legs, and if you’re carrying the baby, then it’s practically a workout! 

So grab your favorite stroller or carrier and take a loop around the block. You can even get a little crazy and pick up the mail while you’re out ;)

Bath Time! 

My number one cure for some midday baby fussiness is to give the baby a nice relaxing bath. A fresh baby snuggled up in a soft towel is one of life’s greatest joys! Plus, some post bath cuddles can calm down both you and your baby.

If you really want to relax with your baby, you might follow bath time with a pampering session.You can trim fingernails, wipe away boogers, apply some lotion, and finish with a gentle massage. If your baby has hair, take some extra time to brush it out. 
A nice warm bath followed with pampering and snuggles could be the perfect way to entertain your baby today.

Hooded Bath Towel.

Go On a Drive

Heading out for a drive is another perfect way to stimulate your baby. The baby gets to watch the world through the window, and you get to find a drive through for a pick-me-up treat. It’s a win win! Besides looking out the window, your baby might also enjoy hearing the radio, smelling the car freshener, or feeling the AC. 

Grab your keys, diaper backpack, and car seat to head out for a nice drive today!

Set Up a Jungle Gym!

Finally, an easy way to switch up your baby’s environment at home is to set him or her in a jungle gym. A jungle gym gives your baby the perfect opportunity to explore and play with new things, either assisted by you or on their own!

If your baby becomes bored with their simple jungle gym set up, there are easy ways you can add some new elements to spice it up. Try tying new toys to the jungle gym bars. Make sure they hang low enough for your baby to grab. You could also drape a patterned blanket over the top of the jungle gym for your baby to look at.

Lastly, you can try flipping the baby over in the jungle gym to experience some tummy time. Make it new by propping the baby up on some pillows or setting up some books within your baby’s eyesight. 

Fun Baby Gyms:
Ingenuity Wooden Gym
LoveEvery Play Gym
5 in 1 Learning Gym

Next time you notice your baby becoming bored, try one of these activities to recapture his or her attention! You can go on a walk, have bath time, go for a drive, or set up a jungle gym. Happy exploring!

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