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At Home: Everyday Excitement

Easy Ways to Stave off Boredom 

Let’s face it. We are all at home A LOT more often…whether it be by choice or simply because there aren't as many things open lately. Realistically, as parents, we cannot always be putting together picture perfect Pinterest activities let alone find all the materials to create arts and crafts masterpieces. The rainy season in Seattle has really inspired me to think outside, or sometimes into, the box when the inevitable ‘I’m Bored!’ chant begins. 

Bath Time Anytime
Water play is so fun for little kids. There are so many different ways to have engaging play in the bathtub any time of the day! One of my kiddos favorite bath activities is using soap paint. You can either create your own super quickly by mixing one cup of liquid baby soap with three tablespoons of cornstarch plus your desired food coloring or cheat like me and buy the Crayola Brand. Another easily put together bath activity that never seems to fail is filling a plastic kitchen bowl with measuring cups and other bath-worthy utensils to provide a new array of bath toys and inspire imaginative water play. Don’t forget your ultra comfy Parker Baby Hooded Towel when it’s time to get out.     
bath time activities
Funky Forts
I have always believed that all you need to make a fort is a giant blanket and imagination. We have draped a large quilt over chairs, the bunk bed, tables and even simply thrown it over ourselves - bugs under a rug style. Add pillows, flashlights, books and your kids can enter their own little world for a while…or even just a few minutes while you get some dishes done.
Cardboard Murals
Online shopping has become more and more prevalent in our world. With this habit comes a mountain of cardboard boxes. Every parent knows the cliche about gifting a fancy toy and all your child wants to play with is the box it came in. There is something quite magical about a cardboard box and the infinite possibilities it offers. When a box is big enough you can just plant a child inside with markers/crayons/paint…whatever is at hand to make cardboard murals on its walls. Smaller boxes can be taken apart and used as a blank canvas. We have even built cities out of boxes and graffitied the buildings.  
cardboard murals
Dance Party
‘Pump up the jam, Pump it up, While your feet are stomping, And the jam is pumping!’ A quality, kid-friendly, dance party playlist turned up at full volume always gets the wiggles out and also makes me drop everything to dance with my littles. If you save a playlist that has great beats and some of your kids’ favorite tunes the only set up necessary is pressing play and turning it up…oh and making sure your dance floor is lego free.
Kids Yoga
Cosmic Kids Yoga
The best Christmas gift of the year award goes to: Gaiam Kids Yoga Mat. We discovered Cosmic Kids Yoga and my 3-year-old and 5-year-old can’t get enough. Almost daily they ask to listen to the stories told by the instructor, Jaime, as they move their bodies to the yoga poses she constructs to go along with each adventure.If you have little people at your house looking for some everyday excitement and you need an easy fix, I hope that one or more of these ideas can help. I know I am constantly searching for new ammo around this joint. Happy playing friends!

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