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Baby #2: What You Need to Buy

Baby #2: What You Need to Buy

My husband and I are thrilled to be preparing for our second baby - a boy! We have a 16 month old daughter, Frankie, who is the absolute light of our world and is going to be the best big sister in town. We are about 28 weeks into this pregnancy and it has actually harder for me to decide what we need than is was with our first. Here is a list of items I have been working on.

*You'll want to make sure there are no recalls if reusing a carseat, crib or bassinet if re-using (which we are)*

Black Diaper Backpack: The Birch Bag

Double Stroller Conversion Kit
We have the City Mini Lux, which we registered for with Frankie knowing that we would be converting it to a double. It comes with a second seat kit, and we already have the car seat adaptor. Currently OOS -- but we won't need it until baby boy is about 5 months-ish so I will be patiently watching this one! Stressing only a little because our big 90th percentile toddler is growing quickly out of the seat though....
Extra camera for Monitor
We got the Motorola Lux 65 with our first (but only with one camera - ugh!). The picture is OK, but we really like how easy it is to pack up and take with us and the app option. We thought about getting a new monitor as well since our stand broke off and the text is rubbing off, but we figured we could manage and if something major goes very wrong in the future we would replace.
Hatch Rest+
Must-have! We love our Hatch for Frankie's room and are excited to try the new features of the Rest+. Love that both have the light to wake feature for when they are older! 
Boy things: we will be converting our current nursery for baby boy. Large stuff is all neutral, but we want to add some accents to make it feel special for baby #2.
Sheets: I prefer the soft jersey crib sheets over muslin - Solly Baby are my favorite
New Mobile
Baby's First Year Book + film: we used a girly version of this milestone book with Frankie. I like it's simplicity - which makes it easy to keep up with. Highly recommend getting a polaroid printer similar to this to make the photos as easy as possible. Convenience is key to make sure you keep up with these beautiful memories the first year.
Blankets: we are doing a light "vintage camping theme" in the updated nursery so the Green Buffalo Muslin Quilt is perfect! We are pairing that with a Pendleton blanket to really set the vibe.
Sleepers: we have quite a few gender neutral pieces of clothing for the first few months, but with this baby due in July (rather than our December babe) some items don't line up weather-wise. I bought a few favorite lightweight sleepers on sale from both Kyte Baby and Little Sleepies.
Clothes: we aren't buying much newborn/0-3 clothing for baby this time around. We have a lot of onesies that were unused with Frankie - she was born in December and wore sleepers all day, every day. With our summer due date, we imagine in will be similar for baby boy - but with onesies. 
Lovey: Frankie has the bunny version and it has helped with sleep training & comfort - she is so darn sweet with that thing. Pro-tip: buy 2 and switch them out as you need to wash so they have the same amount of wear -- babies care about this! 

hooded bath towel
Baby Care + Nursery

Nose Frida
Unscented lotion + soap
Baby-safe Detergent - we used this with Frankie for the first few months
Hooded Bath Towel
SwaddleMe Swaddles
Boppy Cover
SnuggleMe Cover
Pacifiers (Frankie did not use, but if your first babe did, you will likely want/need some new ones!)
Bottles or replacement nipples

For Mama

Nursing pads
Nipple Cream
Breastmilk Storage bags
Nursing Bras - I have a couple of nice bras that I would only wear out (which rarely happened) that held up, but also bought a lot of cheap bras that need replacing.
FridaMom Postpartum Kit -- specifically love the undies and foam
Replacement pump parts - PRO TIP! Most insurances will offer free replacement parts (one time). 

Are you also preparing for Baby #2? Download this checklist as an easy guide!

printable checklist for baby #2

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