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33 of the Most Creative & Affordable Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

33 of the Most Creative & Affordable Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

You've heard of Pinterest moms ~ those unreal supermoms who seemingly have their entire lives put together. They usually have 4+ children and a kitchen fit for a goddess. Not to mention a ridiculously involved skincare routine.

'Pinterest moms' also typically have their baby's nursery decorated to perfection before their little one even arrives. And if that sounds like you ~ we all seriously admire you!

But if you're more in the camp of "I want my baby boy nursery to look perfect, but I'm a little overwhelmed" ~ this guide is for you. We pulled together 33 baby boy nursery ideas to inspire you to make a nursery you're proud of. They range from more involved to less involved, more expensive to less expensive, but we know you can find something in here to get your wheels turning.

So here are some creative and affordable baby boy nursery ideas to jump start you baby boy nursery! Happy decorating mamas;).

Themes: Camping

This adorable camping-themed baby boy nursery might be just what your baby boy needs for his nursery. This woodlands design uses a fun wallpaper, colorful mobile, fox-themed accessories, and a camping play set for when you baby boy gets older.

Parker Baby's Rope Storage Basket is also a great addition to a baby boy nursery like this! Tuck all his cozy blankets and stuffed animals in a storage bin you know won't clash with your decor;).

Camping Themed Baby Boy Nursery

Hang Blankets on Rustic Ladder

Chances are, you're beginning to realize just how many blankets, swaddles, and fabrics your baby boy will need. A great way to turn cluttered storage into a tasteful baby boy nursery decoration is to drape your blankets, swaddles, and quilts over a short rustic ladder propped up against the wall. It's a great way to store blankets while keeping your baby boy nursery classy.

Bright Baby Boy Nursery

Travel the World

Pair a rustic wooden crib with a poster of a world map, and your baby boy will be ready to travel the world ~ right from his nursery. If you're feeling extra, add a boat mobile like this one for a finishing touch.

Adventure Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Mountain

Having a mountain-themed baby boy nursery is a great way to design a space that will grow with your baby boy over time. Add wooden mountain wall art like this to set the tone of the space (you can even customize it to have a peak for each person in your family!). Paint two-tone walls with crisp white and dark green. Then add a boho footrest for dramatic contrast, and drape woodland themed quilts over a blanket ladder for an adorable decoration.

Mountain Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nursery Wallpaper

Adding tasteful wallpaper to your baby boy nursery will turn it from 'meh' to stunning in moments. Just pick a wallpaper (gender-neutral and classic or bold) and apply it to one or two accent walls. You'll love your baby boy nursery 10x more!

Decorating Baby Boy Nursery with Wallpaper

Bold Lettering

Make your baby boy nursery personal by adding bold lettering of your baby boy's name above his crib. You can easily find big, wooden letters like these at your local craft store and paint them yourself. Black will go with anything, but you can switch up the color if you like!

Lights for Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Bambi

I just can't get over how cute this Bambi-themed baby boy nursery is. With bookshelves made from aspen branches, houseplants, subtle wood textures, and deer-spotted blankets, it's the perfect baby boy nursery. Find Bambi-themed nursery accents here.

Bambi Baby Boy Nursery

Accent Walls

Accent walls are the key to a cute baby boy nursery. Paint one wall a different color, add texture to it like in this picture, or paste some wallpaper on to add a personal touch. You can even add bold lettering to your accent wall to make your baby boy feel at home in his nursery.

Wall Decor for Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Clouds

Clouds are soft, squishy, and sweet ~ just like your sweet baby boy. Hang some plush clouds to your wall for a minimalist, cute decoration. You can even add these cloud shelves to store a few picture books and stuffed animals for an easy, classy touch. If you're feeling fancy, check out this adorable cloud pillows to put in your baby boy's crib!

Clouds in Baby Boy Nursery

Chalkboard Walls

This baby boy nursery idea is simple and super creative! Choose an accent wall for your baby boy nursery and paint it will chalkboard paint. Then write whatever welcome-home message you want for your sweet baby boy when he arrives! This idea is perfect because it grows with your sweet little boy ~ and it's cheap and easy!

Blackboard in Baby Boy Nursery

Baby Boy Nurseries with Plants

Nothing brightens the mood of a space more than a houseplant. Find a plant that best fits your baby boy nursery and add it to the decor. Even if that looks like a fake fiddle leaf tree, you won't regret adding a touch of life to your baby boy nursery.

Plants in Baby Boy Nursery

Bassinet or Crib?

Bassinets don't last quite as long as cribs and don't grow with your baby as well, but they sure are cute. These rustic bassinets can transform a casual spare bedroom into an adorable baby boy nursery in a moment. Think about it;).

Bassinet for Baby Boy Nursery

Use Mirrors

Using big mirrors in your baby boy nursery is a great way to open up the space and make that small room feel much bigger than it is. Find a simplistic, classy mirror like this one and hang it above your changing table or crib to add a sophisticated touch to your baby boy nursery!

Contrast in Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Rainbow Baby

Losing a baby to miscarriage is a kind of heartbreak no mother should have to go through. But if you are expecting a rainbow baby, celebrating them through rainbow nursery decor might just be the best way you can decorate your new baby boy's nursery. Celebrate your sweet little miracle with a poster like this one welcoming them home.

Rainbow Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Baby Yoda

This is simply way too cute. If you're a fan of eucalyptus-green accents, but want to keep your baby boy nursery fun and playful, this is the way to go. Add Baby Yoda themed sheets, blankets, or stuffed animals to a tasteful green and white room to turn your boring spare bedroom into an adorable baby boy nursery. Check out subtle Star Wars themed nursery accents here.

Baby Yoda Baby Boy Nursery

Add a Canopy

One unique way you can decorate your baby boy nursery is by adding a canopy to your bassinet or crib. Build a simple wooden frame or hang a canopy like this one for extra fun for your baby boy nursery. You can easily turn it into a pillow fort as your baby boy grows up!

African Inspired Baby Boy Nursery

Use Bookshelves

Open bookshelves like these add a simple, adorable touch to any baby boy nursery. Stack your favorite board books and stuffed animals inside and turn storage into cute baby boy nursery decor just like that.

Book Wall for Baby Boy Nursery

Urban Brick

For the ambitious DIY expert, turning one wall of your baby boy nursery into an accent wall of brick might just be the project for you. Adding an accent wall like this will make your baby boy nursery feel more put together, while keeping the room gender-neutral (in case your baby boy will have any little brothers or sisters down the road;).

Urban Baby Boy Nursery

Get Creative with the Closet

Most nurseries look pretty on the outside while stuffing all the mess in the closet. The mark of a truly incredible baby boy nursery is a clean, organized closet. Use baskets to sort swaddles, onesies, and other clothing. Find a stylish hamper to hold soiled clothes (make sure it can easily be carried to the laundry room). And add bead garland to make your closet space feel on-theme.

Closet in Baby Boy Nursery

Two-Tone Walls

Another simple way to transform a basic guest bedroom into a cute baby boy nursery is to paint the walls in two tones. Keep one side (either bottom or top) white and paint the other side the main color of your baby boy nursery. Then add minimal decorations as you'd like. It's a great way to transform a room when you're under a budget!

Two Tone Baby Boy Nursery

Add Fun Rugs

Hardwood floors might be a luxury in your master bedroom, but in a baby boy nursery, they might not make the cut. Nobody wants cold feet during those 2 am breast feedings. And as your baby boy starts crawling, you'll want to protect his knees from banging against the hard wood floors in his bedroom.

This ABC rug is absolutely adorable, but if you're looking for something more classy, we suggest pairing a simple rug like this with a fur rug to add texture to your floors. Your baby boy nursery will be stunning!

Forest Baby Boy Nursery

Have an Open Closet

You're gotten all these adorable outfits for your baby boy when he arrives. Why hide them in a closet behind closed doors? Design an open closet where you can hang your baby's jackets, shirts, and onesies out in the open. You can even store picture books, stuffed animals, and a dirty clothes hamper on the shelves. Packing your diaper backpack is that much easier when all the options are right in front of you, well-lit and easy to find.

Open Closet for Baby Boy Nursery

Spice Up Your Baby Boy Nursery Lighting

An easy way you can change the mood of a room quickly (and cheaply) is by changing the lighting! Add a sophisticated lamp to polish a room, or add fun lighting like the light below to make your baby boy nursery more jungle-themed. Check out this guide to pick what lighting will fit your baby boy nursery best!

Jungle Baby Boy Nursery

Go All White

You can't go wrong with crisp, clean white. Getting a white crib, rocking chair, and changing table for your baby boy nursery is a great way to keep your nursery bright and cheery without investing too much in changing the bones of the room. Add bursts of color with picture books, stuffed animals, or animal decorations and you'll have the most sophisticated baby boy nursery around.

White Baby Boy Nursery

Don't Forget the Ceiling!

If accent walls aren't your thing, maybe an accent ceiling is. Add glow-in-the-dark stars to your ceiling or paste a sophisticated star wallpaper to make your baby boy nursery absolutely stunning, especially in the dark. You'll have something to guide your way in the dark while you're nursing in the middle of the night, and it's just downright cute.

Ceiling Wallpaper for Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Highlands

This is one of my favorite baby boy nursery themes ever!! Mix crisp whites and grays with natural wood textures to make a mountain-home feel. Then add highland creatures like llamas, bears, deer, and geese. Check out more highland designs here.

Highlands Baby Boy Nursery

Get Creative with the Color Blue

When you think of a baby boy nursery, you might think of the color blue. And since the classic baby blue themed nursery is trending out of style, you might be hesitant to use that approach. This baby boy nursery uses the color blue to create a sophisticated, tasteful nursery that won't make you cringe from bright colors. Add cloud accents, star pillows, and geometric accents to perfect your design.

Blue Baby Boy Nursery

Use Geometric Designs

Using different geometric designs can elevate a baby boy nursery to the next level. The picture below is the perfect example: using an oval-shaped light, rounded mirror and lamp, and dresser with sharp angles adds contrast to every part of the room. 

Overhead Lighting for Baby Boy Nursery

Customize Your Changing Station

Who says your changing station has to be boring and basic? Add your own personal touch to your changing station so it's a stylish part of your baby boy nursery. Add a bead garland and clip ultrasound photos in anticipation for your little one to arrive. Also organize your diapers, wipes, and diaper cream in a stylish diaper caddy so you're ready for any poop disaster you might encounter!

Diaper Organization for Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Plaid

Designing your baby boy nursery with a plaid accent wall, a plaid rug, or plaid quilts and blankets is tasteful, gender-neutral, and so cute. Pair your plaid decorating with a soft, adorable mobile for a perfect finishing touch.

Plaid Accent Wall for Baby Boy Nursery

Be Bold With Your Baby Boy Nursery

Maybe the neutrals and subtle design elements just don't fit your bright, colorful personality. Don't be afraid to be bold! Add highlights of bright yellow, orange, blue, or green to turn your baby boy nursery into the most playful room in the house. Open bookshelves are great for this style, as well as chunky yarn blankets!

Colorful Baby Boy Nursery

Get Creative with Wall Decorations

Walls aren't just for mirrors or art. Get creative with your wall decorations, especially above your changing table. If you're looking to design a more boho nursery, check out these macrame decorations and underwater woven wall hangings. You might also look at hanging plants to add a touch a green to your stunning baby boy nursery.

Boho Baby Boy Nursery

Themes: Lions

Using warm tones for your baby boy nursery is adorable and easy. Hang a gold star garland to add warmth to the room. Set framed watercolors of lions and other safari animals on your baby boy's changing table. And add cute lion stuffed animals to carry the theme throughout the room.

Warm Tones Baby Boy Nursery

So there you go! Thirty-three baby boy nursery ideas that hopefully motivated and inspired you.

Just remember: as much as you want your baby boy nursery to be perfect, there is grace! The important thing is that your sweet baby boy has a loving home and a safe place to sleep every night. You are doing great, mama. And your little squish will love his room no matter how you design it;).

Happy decorating and good luck!!

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