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Mom and Baby in Baby Girl Nursery

18 of the Most Creative & Affordable Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

You baby girl deserves the cutest baby girl nursery out there, but sometimes the countless ideas and options are overwhelming, expensive, and time consuming.

That's why we threw together a cute lil guide for those girl moms out there as they prep for their sweet baby's arrival! We also have a free checklist for print here. Check out our unique and creative ideas to make your baby girl nursery a space where you'll make countless memories. They're affordable, tasteful, and easy! Let's dive in:

Vintage Crib with Baby Quilt

1. Use Vintage to Your Advantage

Using vintage pieces to decorate your baby girl nursery is a long-lost art! Go to your local flea market and grab a vintage vase, picture frame, or basket to add a touch of uniqueness to your baby girl's nursery. If you're lucky, you might even find bigger pieces that need minimal fixing like dressers and cribs.

You can also look up antique baby cribs on Etsy to find a diamond in the rough. They are usually cheaper than the ones you'd buy at a department store, and they have so much more character!

Baby Girl Nursery with Baby Quilt

2. Utilize Different Textured Walls

A great way to spice up your baby girl nursery is to choose one wall and add a different texture. This can be as simple as adding chiplap or planks to the wall behind your baby girl's cribs.

If you're feeling a little fancy, you can also add wallpaper to one wall for a pop of color and design. These wallpapers are some of our favorites!

Baby Girl Sitting with Blanket in Baby Girl Nursery

3. Use All the Warm Tones

Warm tones are a great theme for your baby girl's nursery. They make the space cozier and more comfortable, while allowing girly pops of pink and red to shine. Our Rose Swaddle Set is a great addition to any nursery with warm tones ~ and they'll help your baby girl sleep better too!

The best way to master the warm tone strategy with your baby girl nursery is to keep the primary colors light and neutral. Then adds pops are warm colors to give the space character, like a dark wood crib, soft pink mobile, and taupe laundry basket.

Open Closet for Baby Girl Nursery

4. Create a Space that Grows with Your Baby Girl

As you're designing your baby girl nursery, keep in mine your baby girl won't be a baby forever! Design a space that will grow as she grows. An open closet is a great way to be mindful of the future as you design your baby girl nursery. With shelves that are easy to access as a mama, and places to store things your daughter will be able to safely reach when she's older, this is a great option.

Try choosing storage that isn't entirely baby-themed as well. Our rope storage baskets will grow with your kiddos and are gender-neutral, so your baby girl can use it for years to come. Using simple baskets and crates are also great storage options.

Baby Girl Nursery with Mom and Baby

5. Decorate with Family Pictures

You don't need to spend a fortune collecting all new decor for your baby girl nursery. Simply reusing some family photos in simple black or wooden frames are a beautiful way to decorate your baby girl's nursery!

While you baby girl is still a baby, her nursery is a shared space (which means it should be comfortable for you, too). Make it feel like home by adding that personal touch. You might just tear up looking at them while you put your sweet princess to bed;). 

Baby Girl Nursery Decor

6. Keep it Simple, Bright, and Open

Designing your baby girl nursery doesn't have to be complicated. Let natural light and simple design be the star of this space! Grab some simple modern vases, tuck some pampas grass inside, and voila ~ you have a tasteful baby girl nursery already developing.

If you have big windows in your baby girl nursery, this is a great method for using the space in a simple, tasteful way. If you're feeling overwhelmed trying to plan your baby girl's nursery, go the minimalistic route. You won't regret it!

Mom Sitting in Nursing Chair with Baby Girl

7. Design a Comfortable Nursing Space

You know what's just as important as designing a cute, comfortable space for your baby girl? Designing a cute comfortable space for yourself;)

Make sure you build a nursing space that fits both your baby and your needs. Get a chair you can trust ~ a chair you love rocking your baby girl to sleep in. Pair it with a side table sturdy enough that if you bump it in the night, it won't tip over. And don't forget your nursing caddy!

Baby Girl Nursery Crib and Decor

8. Find a Cute Mobile!

Making a space your own has everything to do with the details. This company makes the cutest handmade baby mobiles, and they compliment any tasteful nursery out there. You can also find some cute and creative mobile designs here!

If you're feeling ambitious, making your own mobile isn't too difficult, and you can personalize it to make it that much more special. This option is much cheaper, too! See how to make a baby mobile here.

Changing Station with Diaper Caddy

9. Create a Neutral + Stylish Changing Station

You changing station doesn't have to be complicated! Grab a functional and stylish diaper caddy to store the essentials and a comfortable changing pad for your changing table, and call it good. Mom hack: keep a basket of toys on your changing table. While you're changing your baby's diaper, hand them a toy so their hands are occupied (and not reaching for all the yuckiness you're cleaning up;).

A great way to decorate the wall behind your changing station is to hang ultrasound photos with clothes pins and wooden bead garland. It's simple, it's cute, and every time you change your baby girl's diaper you'll be reminded just how fast they grow up 😅

Baby Girl Nursery Decor

10. Have Fun with the Details

Make your baby girl nursery unique by adding little touches of character throughout the room. In the picture above, boring drawer knobs were replaced with cute bunny ones similar to these. A vintage lamp, precious stuffed animal, and a trendy diaper caddy complete the look.

Whatever theme you decide on, get creative with the details! Add a funky lamp or bold dresser knobs ~ it's fun to add a touch of character to your space.

Mom Changing Baby in Baby Girl Nursery

11. Decorate Your Baby Girl Nursery with Bright Colors

Maybe the neutral, modern design isn't for you. Go the colorful route! Don't be afraid to add bold colors to your nursery. Paint an accent wall in bright yellow or pink. Add playful decorations to floating shelves that catch your eye.

This design is especially meaningful if you're having a rainbow baby. Decorate with colorful boho rainbows that remind you of your sweet little miracle. Decorations with meaning always take the cake!

Mom Changing Diaper in Baby Girl Nursery

12. Make Your Changing Station Easy to Transfer from Room to Room

Functionality is key. Sometimes it's just easier to change your baby girl on the ground or down the hall, and designing a changing station that lends itself to that situation is so important!

A Parker Baby Co diaper caddy is always a great way to store your changing supplies in a cute, stylish, and functional way. With long handles (so it's easy to carry from room to room) and a neutral design that goes with any nursery, it's a no brainer for your baby girl nursery!

Baby Girl Closet in Baby Girl Nursery

13. Get Creative with Open Closets

We mentioned open closets before, but they are such a cute idea for your baby girl nursery we had to mention them twice! The key to designing the perfect open closet is balancing between decoration and function. Your baby girl's closet should obviously be functional, with room for a laundry basket, clothes, toys, and books. But it should also compliment the theme and style of the room.

A great way to balance this is to display your baby girl's cutest outfits front and center. Get creative with storage baskets. Build custom shelving so each compartment has a purpose.

Baby Girl Nursery with Diaper Caddy

14. Use Neutrals and Try Modern

Going colorful not your style? Go with neutral tones for a modern baby girl nursery look! Decorate with tans, grays, and creams to make the space brighter and more open feeling. Compliment with fun patterns like the patterns in our desert swaddle or rope diaper caddy.

Add mirrors to open the space even more. Then add a unique light fixture to add a touch of character to the space. You'll love your baby girl nursery so much you're going to wish it was your room;).

Storage Shelf for Baby Girl Nursery

15. Storage Doesn't Have to be Boring

It's easy to think nursery storage boils down to tacky plastic bins you shove in the closet so they never see the light of day. But the truth is, nursery storage doesn't have to be that boring.

A cute cube storage system is a great way to store books and toys in your baby girl nursery without compromising style. The baskets slide in and out easily, and as your baby girl grows, her toys are easy and safe to access.

Rope Storage Basket Holding Stuffed Animals

16. Store Toys & Stuffed Animals in Style

Just like storage should be stylish and functional, it should also be safe! As your baby girl learns how to crawl and then walk, making sure her nursery is safe (aka no top-heavy dressers or storage) is so important.

Our Rope Storage Baskets check off all the boxes: they're soft and safe (no sharp edges), easy to transport between rooms, large enough to hold all your baby girl's stuffed animals and books, and multi-purpose (so you can use it for years to come). Remind me why we ever stored toys in cheap top-heavy plastic bins again?

Girl Reading in Baby Girl Nursery

17. Optimize Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor

There's countless options on how to decorate your baby girl nursery walls, but the key is to use decorations that double as something functional. Hang floating bookshelves along the wall just in reach of your growing little girl. Add stylish hangers to hold hats, bags, and jackets. You can even hang shelves to hold her stuffed animals!

Remember, your baby girl nursery won't be a nursery forever. Design it to easily transition to a girl's room your little princess will cherish as she grows up.

Baby Girl Nursery Decor

18. Scalloped Walls & Creative Rugs...

A few baby girl nursery details goes a long way, and we have several favorites! Painting your baby girl nursery walls two-tone, then scalloping the boarder is an adorable way to make a boring bedroom girly and cute. All it takes is a little extra paint and a lot of extra patience haha!

If you're looking for a less permanent approach to making your baby girl nursery unique, try adding a cute rug. This rope bear rug is the cutest, but you can also look at other options here! Good luck deciding ~ I want them all 🥲

That's all the baby girl nursery ideas we have for now, but we'd love to hear your creative ideas! Leave a comment with your favorite part of your baby girl's nursery ~ we'd love to see what other awesome mamas are doing out there:).

Check out our baby girl nursery essentials list and get shopping now!

Baby Girl Nursery Checklist for Moms

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