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Creative & Easy Activities to Do with Your Kids This Summer

Creative & Easy Activities to Do with Your Kids This Summer

We're officially in the middle of summer, and after the initial excitement about fun in the sun fades, it can be hard to get creative with the summer activities you do with your kids. But these nice summer days won't last forever, so take advantage of them while they're here!

Here are a few creative summer activity ideas to throw into the mix this summer, and we know your kids will love them. Get creative, have fun, and you got this mama!

1. Have Fun with Summer Crafts

Summer crafts are the best because it's way easier to take all that mess outside! Let your kids go all out with the glitter and glue (I know, I know, that's crazy) and watch their creativity go wild. Spreading a washable quilt on the grass is an easy way to scoop up the mess afterwards and dump it right in the wash.

Check out these adorable and creative summer craft ideas for kids for a few options! And don't forget your Parker Baby Co diaper caddy (which conveniently doubles as a craft caddy you can carry from room to room or outside). 

Craft Caddy for Kids

2. Get Creative with Water Balloons!

Sure, you've heard of your traditional water balloon fight ~ but you can make it even more fun (if that's even possible)! There are dozens of water balloon games that take little/no setup and are a blast for the whole family. You can even come up with your own variation and get creative!

We're a little biased, but we think our Cotton Hooded Towels are the perfect toddler and baby towels for all the fun summer activities, so make sure you grab one for your fun in the sun! They're absorbent, thick, and warm to keep your kiddos cozy after lake day, water balloon fights, and running through the sprinklers:).

3. Spice Up Your Walk to the Park

Walks are some of our favorite summer activities ~ nothing is better than finishing up dinner, packing up the stroller or wagon, and taking the kids to the park after a long day. But to spice up your summer activities with the kids, try switching up your walk routine and exploring a bit!

Explore your neighborhood and pioneer new trails. Pack a stroller car seat cover to keep your baby safe on those sunnier, windier walks. And don't forget a cozy quilt to make tummy time at the park safe and fun for your baby!

Baby Girl and Mom Laying on Quilt

4. Build a Fort... Outside

Summer weather doesn't last forever, so seize the opportunity and build all those pillow forts outside! Bring a few kitchen chairs into the backyard (or use your porch furniture if you have some) and drape a few picnic blankets over the top. Add some sparkle by bringing fairy lights into your make-shift tent to make it insta-worthy!

I know we've mentioned it twice now, but our Quilts are great for fort-building as well (what can we say, they're versatile!). The Nugget Couch is also great for fort-building year-round, and they do great in the soft summer grass!

5. Have S'mores Over a Fire Pit, But Gourmet

If you have a fire pit in your yard, don't let those mild summer nights go to waste! Fire up that fire pit (no pun intended) and grab some marshmallows, graham crackers, and Hershey bars at the store. Help your kids roast the perfect marshmallow (which in my opinion is burnt to a crisp, but I know that topic is controversial) and make amazing memories.

Check out these delicious gourmet s'more recipes you can experiment with your family ~ they look so yummy! And if they look a little too complicated, maybe save them for you and hubby after the kids go to bed;). Or keep it simple and add Nutella, fresh fruit, or peanut butter cups to your s'mores and call them fancy. Your kids will love it either way!

Fire Pit for Summer Nights with Family

6. Plan a Zoo Day

Okay, we know zoo days take a lot of energy to plan, but they are so worth it! Your kids will form the sweetest memories, and they won't be little and love the zoo forever. Take advantage of those summer days with your babies.

The zoos on this list are always free to visit, so check to see if there's one near you! If not, look up the free days at your local zoo ~ usually every zoo has a few free days every year.

7. Take the Kids to the "Beach"

For those of you who have access to a real beach, take advantage of that! Plan beach days with your babes and build sand castles on the shore. Pack a picnic lunch, your favorite picnic blanket, and spend a day in the sun with your family. Don't forget sunscreen!

For the rest of us land-locked families, you'll have to get a little more creative with your "beach" days. If you live by a local lake or reservoir, take your kids to the beach there and have just as much fun as you would in the ocean! Or simple have a pool day if the drive is too long;). Don't forget to pack towels!

Mom Holding Baby Wrapped in Towel

8. Catch Some Bugs!

Some of my favorite memories as a kid are of my brothers and I catching bugs and keeping them in this old terrarium we found in our grandparent's garage one summer. If your kids love bugs as much as I did, build a habitat for the bugs in your backyard and collect them with your kids!

Use old containers, buckets, or jars for holding bugs and fill them with dirt and leaves. Then overturn the bricks in your yard, dig a bit, and jump through the fields after grasshoppers to build your bug collection! Observe with your kids, get a little dirty, and have a blast. Your kids will love chasing bugs with their mama this summer;).

Baby Girls Sitting on Quilt

These are just a handful of ideas to get the wheels turning, but hopefully you can get creative with your kiddos this summer! They won't be little for long, and those summer days get more and more precious every year (especially once they start going to school!). Enjoy that sun and keep being the awesome mama you are. Happy summer!

Let us know in the comments below about your favorite summer activities to do with your kids! We'd love to hear how you get creative:).

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Thanks for bunch of ideas! I am trying to figure out how to take care of 2 babies now and I find you ideas really helpful. The younger one is freshly after sleep training with HWL method – totally recommend books, helped me a lot!. While the older one is in an explorer mode and always wants to DO something new.

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