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Holiday Gift Guide for Dad: 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for Dad: 2021

Dads can be some of the hardest to shop for during the Christmas season. Hopefully we made it a little easier by collecting some of our favorite dad gifts into one easy-to-follow guide! Here's to making dad feel loved and pampered on Christmas morning (even if he's still the designated wrapping paper-collector;-).Holiday gift guide for dad

1. These Blue Light Glasses help protect dad's eyes when he works at his computer. The blue light that comes off of screens can strain his eyes and make it harder to sleep at night. With these glasses, your guy will be more rested and comfortable.

2. Darn Tough Socks: Ever heard dad complain about sweaty feet on a hike? Darn Tough Socks might be the answer to his troubles. Darn Tough calls it an "air conditioner of a sock" - you get the picture. Keep dad cool and comfortable while he's hiking, camping, or adventuring with these super cool socks.

3. Earbuds: For the guy still jamming out to 1980's classics, these Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds are the perfect gift. They come with a waterproof case, so they're more difficult to lose than normal earbuds. Perfect for the active dad who loves exercise, running errands, or working with his hands in the backyard.

4. This Chemex Pour Over Coffee Maker is for all the coffee-loving dads out there. Dad already wakes up early to make his coffee faithfully each morning - why not gift him another way to expand his coffee horizons? Not to mention, it doesn't look bad on your kitchen counter;-).

5. For the proud daddy, these Dad & Babe T-Shirts are the cutest (especially for family pictures). If your guy is a first time dad proud to have a mini-me, he'll gladly wear it on casual days. Plus, your babe will be stoked they get to match their daddy;-).

6. Tile: Dad won't lose his keys any longer if he has the Tile Key Fob Tracker. Just attach it to his keys and install their free app on his phone to find them if he ever forgets them. You can also snap it onto bags and other things he might be tempted to leave behind! 

7. Diaper bags aren't just for moms! Our Birch Bag (coming in black this November!!) is modern, stylish, and functional (so dad can do his part lugging around diapers without being embarrassed). Plus, all our diaper backpacks come with free shipping, and we all know how much dad loves that 😉

8. Toiletry Bag: We all know dad can pack "everything he needs" in a microscopic backpack, but is he necessarily organized? This Fjallraven Toiletry Bag is the perfect way to help your guy stay organized and compact during travel. Slip this under the tree this year and he'll get the message: maybe he shouldn't throw his tube of toothpaste right next to his socks next time you travel...

Hopefully our guide gave you some direction on how to tackle dad's (usually short) Christmas list! Happy shopping!

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