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Holiday Gift Guide for Mom: 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for Mom: 2021

Mama needs some Christmas gifts too!! We created a holiday shopping list to fit any mama's taste, and it's perfect to send to your hubby (hint hint;) or to use as a guide to start shopping for your beloved mom friends! Happy shopping!

 Holiday Gift Guide for Mom

1. The Amazon Echo Show is something you didn't realize you needed. You can display your memories on a slideshow, glance at the weather or your calendar, set reminders for your schedule, or throw on a Disney movie when the pre-dinner panic is getting too much to handle. It also auto-frames to keep you centered during Facetime with fam!

2. This Mommy & Me Denim Jacket is perfect for the most stylish mommy/baby duos out there. Twin at the zoo, family get-togethers, or just around the house with these adorable jackets. For added cuteness, slap a Binky Bro Beanie on your babe's head from our Baby Holiday Gift Guide and voila! You have one stinking cute kid on your hands.

3. For the mom on the go: the Lululemon Belt Bag is the perfect grab-and-go bag for your daily routine. Bust out the Birch Bag Mini when you take the kids with you, but when you're working out or running a quick errand alone, this bag is perfect. Holds your keys, phone, and wallet, and compliments a cute outfit! Lululemon, you did it again.

4. The Just Ripe Fruit Bowl is a modern and practical addition to you kitchen counter. It saves space by being so elevated, and keeps your riper produce from spoiling in the glass bowl. It looks way more stylish than all the fruit bowls/banana hooks I've ever seen, and it multitasks at the same time! Win-win!

5. Our Birch Bag Mini is a stylish solution to lugging around all the stuff you need as a mama. With a ton of roomy pockets (included insulated ones for water bottles), you'll have no trouble toting around diapers, pumping gear, a picnic lunch, and more in style. Plus, we included a mommy pocket for your keys, phone, chapstick, and anything else you don't want little hands grabbing!

6. Ah yes, the Roomba - every mama's favorite. It charges by day and cleans by night; you might even call it your household's superhero (next to daddy, of course). This one is a little pricier, but worth every penny. No crumbs stuck to the bottom of bare feet anymore? Yes please!

7. We know your sleep is precious. That's why we included this Pure Silk Sleep Mask so you can catch Z's faster. Created using nontoxic dies and the highest grade silk, it'll help take care of your skin while you sleep too. Nap time!

8. The "Super Simple" Cookbook is perfect for the mom who struggles finding time to cook elaborate meals. If you like the idea of cooking meals that are easy, fast, and delicious, but look put-together, you'll love this cookbook. Plus, she includes creative recipes using trendy cooking techniques, like the Instapot and night-before meal prep!

Holiday shopping looks a lot different this year, so to stay informed read this article and get prepared. Start shopping now!

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