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Official Safety Resources for Babies & Toddlers

Official Safety Resources for Babies & Toddlers

As much as we love talking about baby safety here at Parker Baby Co., we are not the experts!

You want to make sure your child is safe, which means following the advice of certified authorities. Below, we've gathered a few of the resources to keep in your back pocket in case of emergencies (these are resources you can trust!)

Let's dive in:

1. NRC Kids

The National Resource Center for child health and safety is an excellent resource for new parents! Not only do they maintain national healthy and safety standards that impact your little ones, but they provide useful resources, like how to determine and maintain a healthy weight for your child. 

2. Prevention 1st

Prevention 1st is a website dedicated to preventing injuries in babies and children. Preventable injuries are the leading cause of death among children, so their mission is to equip you with the knowledge to prevent injuries and keep your child safe. They have an extensive list of safety resources every parent should know from what to say to a 911 operator to safety resources even kids can understand!

3. Child Safety Network

The Child Safety Network works directly with state and jurisdiction programs to advocate for public child safety. Since they work directly with the government, they have direct impact on child safety standards, especially ones in public places like schools and daycares. They are a wonderful resource not only for general child safety, but for awareness of government imposed safety standards.

4. American Academy of Pediatrics

Ever wish you could have your pediatrician looking over your shoulder to help you figure out the safest approach with your little ones? This resource is a good alternative;) Packed with articles on child safety and what you should know about raising a healthy kiddo, you won't want to stop reading.

5. The CDC

The CDC became well known during Covid, but they have a plethora of resources on all things child safety (not just sickness-related!) Check out their child safety page for everything from sun safety to poison control. They're a great resource to sift through if you want to brush up on some child safety rules you may have forgotten!

We're not the experts, but we hope these resources connect you with the ones who know what they are talking about! Stay safe and remember you are the best mama for your kiddos, even if you don't know exactly what to do in every scenario. You're doing amazing!

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