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Summer Diaper Bag Necessities

Summer Diaper Bag Necessities

With summer officially here, my "mom bag" has transitioned to what seems more like a "pool bag" lately (or what we like to call, a Summer Diaper Bag). We live in Kansas City and it gets pretty hot in the summer so you never know when you might need to cool off at a splash pad or stop at the neighborhood pool for a quick swim.

Diaper Bag Necessities

Below are my summer necessities that I keep in my Summer diaper Birch Bag all summer long!

  • Sunscreen - I have both a Sunscreen Face Stick so it's easy to rub on little faces, as well as a bottle of lotion.
  • Wet Dry Bag - This one is a game changer as it makes it super easy to keep wet swimsuits separate from everything else in your bag!
  • Towel - I can usually fit it in my bag but I also always have one on hand in the car anyway. With a dog and a toddler, you never know when you'll need a towel.
  • Swim suit - When they're little, it's easy to roll one up into your bag. But I also have a very picky daughter who has strong opinions on what she wears so options are great for us!
  • Extra outfit - I've been stuck without an extra outfit before, and although it's super cute to be running around in just a diaper, some restaurants might not agree. 
  • Hat / sunglasses - I have both at all times because like I mentioned above, you never know what my opinionated toddler will want to wear that day! 
My usual items I keep in my diaper bag all year round:
  • Diapers & wipes
  • A toy for if we go out to eat or need a distraction in the car. My go-to's are: stickers, play doh, Water Wow Activity Pad, a book, and LCD Writing Tablet
  • Snacks (That's It bars, fig bars, gold fish, and bananas are the favorites at our house) 
  • Water/milk
Diaper Bag Necessities
If you have a must-have item in your summer diaper bag, share it in the comments below! 

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