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Timesaving Toddler Hair Hacks

Timesaving Toddler Hair Hacks

The beginning of the school year poses one big problem for me… Getting everyone out of the door on time! My little, two-year-old Amelia seems to give me the most trouble. Maybe it is her age, but I anticipate this is a foreshadowing of what is to come in her teenage years. 

Amelia’s hair has become my nemesis when it comes to getting ready in the morning. It's wispy and doesn’t seem to have any defined part, falling directly in her face. Luckily I have found a few tools that have helped with this problem, thus cutting down the time it takes to get us out the door.

Toddler Hair Accessory Clips (that stay put)
I literally have these Parker Baby Co. Hair Clips everywhere around my house (and in my diaper bag) to deal with any straggling strands. They stay put and are so easy to snap in and GO! Best of all they never seem to hurt my daughter’s little head.

Thin Headbands
Headbands are such an easy, stylish way to keep hair out of my little lady’s face. The thin Wildflower Set has been a lifesaver for us when we are in a hurry (which is ALWAYS). Amelia has actually started to try her hand at putting them on herself…we are not quite there yet.

Put a Bow on it
Whenever I put Amelia’s hair up halfway or in a ponytail two seconds later the wispies start to bust out. The way I fix this is by putting a bow around her hair tie. When she has a beautiful bow in her hair it is hard to think of her as unkempt…at least in my mind! 

    Having the right toddler hair accessories to use on my daughter’s hair when we are in the midst of our morning grind helps us all keep it together. As a Mom feel like I have taken care of my little girl’s appearance and as a family it is one less thing to worry about to get us out of the door on time…or at least close enough.

    Millie's Favorites:

    The Ruby Set
    : Vegan Leather Hair Clips

    Wildflower Braided Headbands

    The Essential Bow Set: easy, soft and stretchy nylon bands with assorted bows and headbands
    Essential Bow Set

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