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Mama Feature: Cassandra

Mama Feature: Cassandra

Meet one of our amazing Brand Ambassadors, Cassandra! Her and her husband have the most adorable little boy, Henry. They own a coffee roasting business called Ten Ten Roasters that they operate out of their home. This gives Cassandra the flexibility to spend time with sweet Henry and work with her husband! 

Mama Feature


Favorite mommy/maternity product:
My Madewell maternity jeans! They were so comfortable! I love them so much I loaned them to a friend as she grows her sweet little babe. Also, Bump Magic Tallow from Gold Clover. I carried my little guy to 42 weeks and this helped my growing bump quite a lot.

Favorite baby product:
Parker Baby Co. Bibs! They seriously saved my son’s clothes from spit-up and now drool from teething. They are so cute and go with all his outfits. I also adore my baby Tula. We took Henry to a few National Parks last year and it was so fun to carry him around in it. When I roast coffee and he needs to be near me he is my little assistant I get to wear around. 

Bandana Bibs

Favorite way to have a little “me-time”:
When I was in labor I would constantly picture being in the hammock in my backyard and it would bring me to a relaxed state of mind. So now I have an even bigger appreciation for that hammock. I love to read in it with a cappuccino in hand. 

A couple more questions...

Do you have any plans/goals for the upcoming New Year?
Yes! I am excited for a new year of networking with others in the coffee business and growing my friendships with other moms. I just love talking to and being around people. I know this past year made that look different but I don’t want that to stop me from connecting with others. 

What would an ideal date night look like with your significant other?
I do love our current date nights which usually consists of Henry asleep for the night, two whiskey sours, chatting on the couch with a beloved TV show in the background. However, when we can finally get out an ideal date night would be dinner and drinks at one of our favorite restaurants followed by a late night movie at a theatre, with popcorn and sour candy of course. 

Mama Feature

Can you tell us a little bit about owning your own coffee business?
First off, coffee is incredible! There is so much that goes into a cup of coffee and I love learning and being a part of that. This business was a dream of my husband’s for a long time and it eventually became one of mine, so I love that I get to share a continually growing dream and goal with my favorite person.

We are blessed to have a nice set-up in our little home.  A little background on our business name...It is in honor of my husband’s Grandpa Henry (we named our little guy after him) who would have his coffee at 10:10 every morning. He would always say “10:10 coffee break.”

My husband has a full time job so I run most of the operation.  I have specific days that I roast coffee and days that I package and drop off at the post office. Owning your own business is a lot especially with a constantly growing baby around. My husband and I have really become a team as we balance Henry watching duty and work. It can be hard but it is so satisfying. I love seeing each order come in and I am just so grateful for them. 

I love listening to other moms and their stories. I think hearing from others helps, not to compare yourself but to know that you are not alone or perhaps you too can find joy in what another mom did. My mother in-law tells me all the time how much she loved to dress her children. She even passed down a few clothes to me from when my husband was a baby. I love the fact that she enjoyed dressing up her babies. I started to set out Henry’s outfits the night before in his Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddy that rests next to his changing station and it just really helps me start out my day with him. Even if I feel a mess, seeing my little guy looking dapper or simply just cozy always makes me feel at ease. Plus, baby clothes are the cutest! 

I also would say having grace on yourself is very important. I feel like there were certain disciplines and rhythms I had before Henry that I would catch myself no longer doing. Instead of looking at them as something I had abandoned, I remind myself that they are still things I can do, it will just look different.

Diaper Caddy

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