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New Mom Gifts Based on Zodiac Sign

New Mom Gifts Based on Zodiac Sign

Whether you're looking for a cute baby shower gift, building your own registry, or looking to stock up on good baby products for your little one - it's easily overwhelming picking the right products for you.

Not sure where to start? These are our best baby products for each zodiac sign... find yours to find the best baby product for you! Read below:

Pisces ~ Washcloths

Washcloths on Stool Pisces Baby Gifts

If you're a Pisces, you're one empathetic mama, which means you're going to feel what your baby feels. Bathtime is one of the most vulnerable, sweet times with your baby, and if your baby is safe, comfortable, and warm, you'll feel comfortable too. Made with 6 layers of buttery soft muslin cotton, our washcloths are safe, sensitive for your baby's skin, and perfect for bathtime. Order our 6-pack here

Aries ~ Burp Cloths

Burp Cloths on Stool Aries Baby Gifts

As a daring and dynamic Aries mama, you need baby products that can come through even for the biggest messes, and our burp cloth are here to do just that. Oversized for max coverage and made with 6 layers of 100% natural, sensitive cotton, these burp cloths are your ideal baby product. Don't mistake their buttery soft texture for weakness - these burp cloths are here to clean up the toughest messes in a pinch. Pick between our adorable color pallets here 😤

Taurus ~ Bandana Bibs

Babies Wearing Bandana Bibs Taurus Baby Gifts

If you're a Taurus, you need baby products that are just as down-to-earth and loyal as you are - which is why we know our bandana bibs will be the perfect fit. Our bibs are super absorbent, made with safe materials like nickel-free adjustable snaps, and available in every color or pattern you'd want for your baby. They're reliable, return from the wash unscathed, and will keep your baby warm. Order a set (4-pack or 8-pack) here 🥰

Gemini ~ Hooded Bath Towel

Baby Wearing Hooded Bath Towel Gemini Baby Gifts

If you're a Gemini you'll want to have fun and play with your babe, and our hooded bath towels are here to make bathtime a blast with your little one! Made with the softest, most absorbent organic cotton, typical baby towels (the scratchy, thin ones you're used to) pale in comparison. Our towels even come in 2 sizes to grow with your baby! Order one here to make bathtime a partaaay 🥳

Cancer ~ Baby Quilt

Baby Holding Baby Quilt Cancer Baby Gifts

If you're a Cancer, you'll be obsessed with snuggles with your baby, and our baby quilts are just the thing to make snuggle time that much sweeter. Made with 4 layers of soft muslin cotton, our quilts get softer with every wash. They come in the cutest patterns and colors you can check out here. Your baby will cherish their new blanket for years. Order one here! 🥺

Leo ~ Cable Knit Baby Headbands

Baby Girl Wearing Baby Headband Leo Baby Gifts

If you're a Leo, you'll want your baby to look just as fab as you - and our cable knit baby headbands are here to upgrade your baby's outfits in a pinch. Our headbands are soft and stretchy, so they won't pull your baby's hair or feel too tight on their head. They come in 5 different cute, boho colors that will go with all your baby girl's outfits. You definitely don't want to miss out on these;). Order our 5 pack here 😍

Virgo ~ Multi-Use Covers

Mom Nursing Baby with Cover Virgo Baby Gifts

If you're a Virgo, you're all about being practical, and our multi-use covers are the best product for multi-tasking mamas. Made with reliable, stretchy material that's warm yet breathable, our covers make for the perfect nursing cover, car seat cover, high chair cover, or grocery cart cover. They're available in 11 different colors and patterns to choose from, and they are super easy to slip on and stretch. Order your favorite color here 🎨

Libra ~ Felt Diaper Caddy

Mom Holding Diaper Caddy Libra Baby Gifts

If you're a Libra and you like keeping your home balanced, organized, and aesthetic - our felt diaper caddies are going to be your favorite thing! With plenty of pockets (8 exterior and 3 interior), long sturdy handles, and a soft + safe design, our caddies are the perfect way to organize your home in style. Use them for the nursery, laundry room, craft and toy room, or kitchen. Carry from room to room with ease. And pick your favorite color that matches your aesthetic here 🤩

Scorpio ~ Wet/Dry Bag

Mom Holding Wet/Dry Bag Scorpio Baby Gifts

If you're a Scorpio, you're one smart, savvy mama. And none of our products are more savvy than our wet/dry bag. Put dirty diapers, wet clothes, trash, or other messes inside this waterproof, machine washable bag to keep them separate from everything else in your diaper bag. Complete with a mesh pocket for extra storage and a handle so you can easily hang it on a door knob or stroller, our wet/dry bag is a necessity for new mamas (especially Scorpios;). Order one here! 🙌

Sagittarius ~ Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

Mom Wearing Diaper Backpack Sagittarius Baby Gifts

If you're a Sagittarius, you're the best of everything - funny, adventurous, nurturing, optimistic, friendly... You need baby products that keep up with your upbeat lifestyle, and we couldn't think of a better product than our Birch Bag Diaper Backpacks. Our diaper backpacks are trendy and cute, but have all the functionality you'd need with 10+ pockets (including 2 insulated bottle ones). Complete with a changing pad, stroller straps, and a mesh diaper organizer inside, this bag is perfect for our Sagittarius mamas. Order your fav color here 🥹

Capricorn ~ Felt Laundry Hamper

Felt Laundry Hamper Holding Laundry Capricorn Baby Gifts

No mama works harder than the Capricorn mama, and our Felt Laundry Hampers are here to help with that work load you're so good at handling. Oversized to carry the biggest loads, durable and strong for easy transportation between rooms, and collapsible so you can store it in tight spaces, this laundry hamper is as functional as it gets. And come on - those colors are just the cutest. Order a laundry hamper here! 👏

Aquarius ~ Rope Storage Cubes

Rope Storage Cubes Aquarius Baby Gifts

If you're an Aquarius, you'll want to make your baby's ideal play area perfect - safe and soft, fun for baby, cute and classy, and easy to clean up. Our rope storage cubes are the perfect solution: they fit any standard cube storage shelf and have soft edges, so your baby is safe to play with them. They can hold all your baby's toys or books, and have sturdy handles so they're easy to carry between rooms. Choose between our White or Gray and order a few for your baby's nursery here 🙃

Even though we're all a little bit different, we're all mamas, and we all need baby products we can trust! Hopefully this little guide was helpful:). Thanks for reading!

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