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Order in the Midst of Chaos

Order in the Midst of Chaos

Guest post written by Brand Ambassador: Taylor Klaus.

I read this quote the other day: “A good mom has BAD days, GREAT days, NORMAL days, OVERWHELMING days, PERFECT days, TRYING days, SUPERMOM days, JUST BEING A MOM days, and A WHOLE LOT OF LOVE, REAL, CRAZY, MOTHERHOOD Days.”

For me, it hits the nail on the head. We have days where we feel like we succeed…Completed the to-do list, house looks spotless, and kids have been angels. And then there are other days where we “rewind Barney for the 15th time,” anxiously waiting for bedtime.

But the beautiful thing is…tomorrow starts a new day!

I am a full-time mom to a little boy (2.5) and little girl (11 months), as well as a full-time pediatric operating room nurse. A large part of my jobs focus on being prepared and anticipating the needs of others. In order to be successful, I need to be detailed and organized.

Now throw in kids running around, food to prepare, and a house to maintain. There are days it seems nearly impossible, like I am just trying to keep my head above water…or maybe just my nose. But I have found 3 things that help me create order in the midst of chaos.

Put Away the Toys & Dishes During Nap Time or After Bedtime.

These are two things that can easily pile up on the counter and floors. The mere sight of the chaos can make my blood pressure rise. So, in order to combat this, I try to do the dishes right away after dinner or at least after the kids go to sleep. This way, when I wake up my counters are clear and ready for a new day.

The same goes for toys. I will put them away when kids are napping or after they go to bed. It can quickly change the look of the room! Parker Baby Co. Diaper Caddies and Rope Storage Basket are a great tool to add style and decrease clutter in any room. Picking up as you go about your day can drastically decrease the chaos of home life.

Keep Out! (Have One Spotless Room)

This kind of coincides with number 1. But I try to keep at least one room in the house spotless and in order. This could be a bathroom, a guest room, or an office. The door is typically shut to prevent little hands from wandering inside. This room can be a great escape and a nice breath of fresh air. And one less room to clean!

Pack The Night Before.

Staying organized.

This is probably the most important stress-reliever for me as a full-time working mom.

This includes packing the kid’s bag, my work/pumping bag, two sets of lunches, and bottles. For many it could be packing the diaper bag the night before.

I absolutely love the backpacks from Parker Baby Co. They help me feel prepared and organized for the day ahead. I typically use the Gray Birch Bag as my pump bag for work and the Cream Birch Bag Mini for the kid’s diaper bag, but they can easily be interchanged.

The Mini is still big enough to fit everything I need for my two kids. I am thankful my work schedule allows me to spend my mornings with my kids. I'm usually able to get them ready for the day and take them to their babysitters easily. Packing the night before helps me feel less rushed in the morning, so I get to spend those precious moments with my children before a 12-hour shift.

Now, there are plenty of days where things don’t go as planned. The toys are all over the floor, the dishes pile up, or I am scrambling out the door to make it on time. Life likes to throw us curve balls, and we learn to live in the chaos. But these three concepts have helped me add a little more order and structure during those overwhelming days of motherhood.

And always remember, tomorrow is a new day!

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