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Organizing Baby Items

Organizing Baby Items

Guest post written by Brand Ambassador: Haley Murphy

If you’re a parent who’d rather spend your sacred Netflix hour on an organizing show instead of true crime, you already know all about the sparking joy of roygbiv-ing your canned goods. But when it comes to organizing baby accessories, there are a few unique challenges.

Many items are used every few hours while others surface once a month. Some things are the size of your thumb nail (hello snot sucker filters!) and bound to disappear without an established home. Regardless, babies might as well arrive driving their own U-Haul – to make things a tad less chaotic, an organized space can truly make a difference.  With the impending arrival of our daughter Ariella, I spent months devouring Pinterest for inspiration and meshed that with my foci for organizing the nursery:

Prioritize accessibility for frequently used items
Group by category when possible
Incorporate interior styling - few things are as calming as opening a tidy drawer. And even diapers can spark joy :) 

I’ve found that an organized and inspiring space is so refreshing that I’m intrinsically motivated to maintain it – even a few minutes every day can go a long way. There are a handful of products I found that made the organizing fun and simple. 

Bows.. on bows.. on bows 

Baby Girl Bows.

Baby girls (especially little bald ones, like mine) come with a healthy dose of bows (shop Parker Baby bows here). Finding the bow that matches best when you have 70,000 to choose from is a first world problem I try to avoid (especially when we were supposed to be in the car 10 minutes ago). I have LOVED this expandable drawer organizer from The Container Store. It has removable dividers to make sorting by color a breeze and fits easily in a drawer or on a shelf.

No Toil In My Toiletries


Lazy Susan turntables are my absolute favorite for the myriad of little hygiene and health items that need to be readily accessible but aren’t necessarily used every day. I use one as a sick station to hold syringes, thermometers, and the very lovely snot removal gadgets. I snagged this white one from Joann’s for 50% off! I use a larger clear one for other toiletries like baby sunscreen, Windis (oh the joy), Q-tips, nail clippers, and a back stock on diaper rash cream. This turntable was more of a splurge but sometimes I spin it just for fun.

Diaper Dash


This box with compartments from IKEA turned out to be the perfect height for storing diapers and can hold around 180-200 if you’re a buy-in-bulk kinda family. This fits nicely on a changing table shelf but would also work in a tall drawer.

Burp, Drool, Sleep, Repeat

Burp Cloths and Baby Bibs.

I think about half of the baby’s U-Haul is filled with fabric... blankets, swaddles, burp clothes, bibs, towels… lucky for me, one of my favorite pastimes is organizing drawers. I wish I were kidding. IKEA’s in-drawer organizers are the best – they’re affordable, functional, and they have a large range of sizes. I use one with 7 compartments for smaller items like bibs, and a larger one with two compartments for towels and bedding. I use a similar set of their stand alone organizing boxes for clothes.

So much feels out of control with a new baby in the mix. You can’t control when they cry, when they need a diaper change, when they sleep… but you can control their stuff! At least until they’re mobile ;) Happy organizing!

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