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The Top 6 Must-Have Summer Baby Products You Need (+5 Hacks)

The Top 6 Must-Have Summer Baby Products You Need (+5 Hacks)

With summer in full swing, we want to share 6 of our top summer favorites. You won't want to do summer without them! Check out these mom-approved favs:

PLUS: We shared 5 "mom hacks" for a summer with little ones at the bottom of this article - don't forget to read our genius tips!

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1. Wet Dry Bag

Our Wet Dry Bag is the ideal thing to store in your diaper bag this summer. Designed to hold all your dirty diapers, wet swimsuits, and soiled clothes, it keeps all the messes separate and away from dirtying the rest of your diaper bag.

Mom Packing Wet Dry Bag

Plus, cleaning it afterwards is easy as 1, 2, 3. The inside is wipeable and water-resistant. And for those deeper cleans? Just toss it in the wash and air dry. The Wet Dry Bag truly is the best practical product for your summer (and it matches our Birch Bag Diaper Backpacks, which is just adorable!) Order here!

2. Belt Bag

Our newest addition to the Parker Baby Co. product lineup, our Belt Bags are stylish mom-approved and perfect for all your summer outings. Each of our neutral colors will compliment all your summer outfits, and they help you stay prepared no matter where you go!

Mom Wearing Belt Bag

You can fit a diaper and travel pack of wipes inside for compact, on-the-go storage. The snap is fast and easy, and the strap is adjustable to your size. And you can carry your bug spray, travel sunscreen, sunglasses, and summer snacks inside for walks to the park, pool visits, and more. Order here!

3. Hooded Bath Towel

Not only are our Hooded Bath Towels great for post-bath, but they are the coziest towels for after the pool this summer! We made our towels thicker and plusher than any other baby towels you'll find out there, so you can breathe knowing your baby won't shiver after bath time.

Baby Wearing Hooded Bath Towel

We also centered the hood on our towels for the perfect burrito wrap! Kid and mom approved, you can pick from two sizes (infant and toddler) to keep your kid cozy for years. Order for your summer here!

4. Changing Pad

Our foldable Changing Pad is going to be your best friend this summer. It's so slim, so it fits perfectly in a diaper bag pocket for easy access. Foldable with magnet snaps, it's easy to whip out for quick changes and put away when you're in a pinch.

Baby Laying on Changing Pad

Plus, our Changing Pads come in our signature Parker Baby Co. stripe, so they match all our Birch Bag products. Make sure to grab one for all your summer adventures! Order here.

5. Drool Bandana Bibs

Beloved by moms nationwide, our classic Drool Bandana Bibs are even more useful in the summer. All our color sets will compliment your baby's summer outfits, and they are the perfect useful accessory for park trips, pool day, barbeques, and fun in the sun.

Baby Wearing Drool Bandana Bibs

Thick and absorbent, our bibs are designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable. Plus, they are soft and breathable, so you don't have to worry about your baby overheating in that summer heat. Order your favorite set here!

6. Birch Bag Diaper Backpack

Lastly, our Birch Bag Diaper Backpacks are your ideal summer diaper bag. Roomy with 10+ pockets, you'll be able to carry everything you need while you're out on those summer adventures. The outside bottle pockets are even insulated, so you can keep baby's milk cold in the summer heat.

Moms Wearing Birch Bag Diaper Backpacks

Plus, we included stroller straps on the back for easy transportation during neighborhood walks, and the foldable Changing Pad we mentioned before is included in all our large sizes. Order here today!

Top 5 Mom Hacks for Summer

We don't just have products that simplify summer with baby - we also have some hacks for you as well😏 Check out our top 5 genius summer hacks below!

1. Cupcake Liners Around Popsicles

Sticky hands after popsicles? Avoid the mess by grabbing some cupcake liners your next grocery trip! Poke them through the popsicle stick on the bottom and slide them up until they touch the bottom of the popsicle. The liner will catch all the drips, so baby's hands can stay clean (or at least cleaner;)

2. Keep a Summer Car Caddy

If you rely on your car caddy like we do, updating it for summer is a must-do! Keep spare rolled towels, sunscreen, bug spray, summer snacks, and your Wet Dry Bag inside so everything is at an arm's reach. Bonus hack: Store an extra pair of pajamas in the car for your kids - on those summer nights when you stay out later as a family, you can get them dressed for bedtime before they even get in their car seats.

3. Apply Sunscreen with a Makeup Sponge

If your kiddos fight sunscreen, applying it with a makeup sponge might be the solution! It's softer on their skin and feels more comfortable not having to rub so much. Looking for an even more fun way of getting sunscreen on your little one? Try applying with a paintbrush.

4. Aloe Ice Cubes

The occasional sunburn is unavoidable, and it's not fun when your little one is uncomfortable! Plan ahead by freezing a tray of aloe to create aloe ice cubes. When the sunburns come, pop one out and rub it on the irritated skin. It melts slowly and feels wonderful.

5. Freeze a Soaked Sponge

Need an ice pack in a pinch? Soak a spare sponge, put it in a ziploc, and freeze it! It's cold, malleable, and soft to make any boo boo feel better. And if you want one on hand out and about, toss it in a thermos in your diaper bag. It'll stay cold for hours.

Thanks for tuning in and sharing your summer with us! 🫶 Wishing you a wonderful summer with your little one.
Xoxoxo, PBC

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