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What's in Your Diaper Bag ~ According to Your Zodiac Sign

What's in Your Diaper Bag ~ According to Your Zodiac Sign

We talked about what your Parker Baby Co. "new mom gift" would be based on your zodiac sign before... but now we want to ask the question: what do each of you have in your diaper bags?

Find your sign to see what baby products we think you'd bring on-the-go, all based on your zodiac sign:

Pisces ~ 100% Muslin Cotton Quilt

What's In Your Diaper Bag Pisces Quilt

For the sensitive, sympathetic, and aware mama: you know how important a warm blanket is on the go (especially mid-spring). You want your baby to be cozy and safe in the car, during walks, and at the park - and there's no better way to keep them warm than with one of our muslin cotton baby quilts. If you're a Pisces, grab one for your diaper bag here!

Aries ~ Multi-Use Covers

What's In Your Diaper Bag Aries Multi-Use Cover

For the adventurous, high energy, daring mama: you need baby products that can keep up with your sense of adventure. Our Multi-Use Covers are your perfect option: they are bold and vibrant (just like you!), will keep your baby safe and warm on the go, and have multiple uses (doubling as a nursing cover, grocery cart cover, and car seat cover). If you're an Aries, pick out your favorite color here!

Taurus ~ Wet/Dry Bag

What's In Your Diaper Bag Taurus Wet/Dry bag

For the loyal and down-to-earth mamas: you need a Wet/Dry Bag in your diaper bag! Created to subbornly resist potential messes in your diaper bag, this is the most practical (and lifesaving) product you could include in your lineup. Our Wet/Dry Bag can hold dirty diapers, wet swimsuits, soiled clothes, and trash until you get home - where you can just toss it in the wash no problem. If you are a Taurus, get this for your diaper bag here!

Gemini ~ Maple Bow Set

What's In Your Diaper Bag Gemini Maple Bow Set

For the playful, outgoing, and social mama: our Maple Bow Set is for you! Dress your baby girl in these adorable bows while you're out and about to keep her hair out of her face and add a cute touch to her (undoubtedly) cute outfit. These bows can adapt as well as you do - they stretch with time, and won't pull your baby's soft hair. If you're a Gemini, order the Maple Set here!

Cancer ~ Burp Cloths

What's In Your Diaper Bag Cancer Burp Cloths

For our nurturing, protective, and sensitive mamas out there: don't pack your diaper bag without our Burp Cloths! You'll be able to clean up all those baby messes on the go with buttery soft, gentle burp cloths that keep your baby comfortable and absorb all those messes in a pinch. Sold in 4-packs, you'll have plenty for your home and diaper backpack! If you're a Cancer, grab some burp cloths here ASAP.

Leo ~ Stanley Cup

What's In Your Diaper Bag Leo Stanley Cup

For the luxury-loving, sunny, big-hearted, and fun mamas: you need a Stanley Cup in your life. Gotta stay hydrated on the go! Pick from tons of aesthetic colors and finally treat yourself to a water bottle you LOVE. The Stanely Cup also fits in the bottle pockets inside our Diaper Backpack no problem, which makes it easier to carry with you. And even though it's oversized, it still fits in car cupholders! If you are a Leo, grab a Stanley Cup today.

Virgo ~ Changing Pad

What's In Your Diaper Bag Virgo Changing Pad

For the practical, sensible, ideal mamas out there: you can't leave the house without a Changing Pad. Our Changing Pads slide perfectly into the outer pocket in our Diaper Backpack, and fold neatly for easy transportation. They provide that cushiony barrier between your baby's head and the ground, and when your baby needs a change on the go, it's better if they're comfortable while you take care of it. If you're a Virgo, add this essential to your diaper bag today!

Libra ~ all the snacks

What's In Your Diaper Bag Libra Snacks

For the go-with-the-flow, fair, gentle, peacemaker mamas: you NEED snacks when you're out and about. Babies and toddlers get scary when they're hungry, and it's best to be prepared. We already know you pack an equal amount of snacks for everyone so you're ready for the day (and let's be honest, it's okay if those snacks aren't always 100% healthy). If you're a Libra, don't forget those snacks (and make sure to throw your snack wrappers and trash in our Wet/Dry Bag afterwards!)

Scorpio ~ Matilda Cable Knit Headbands

What's In Your Diaper Bag Scorpio Matilda Cable Knit Headbands

For the ambitious + determined mamas: our Matilda Cable Knit Headbands are your cup of tea. These headbands are one of our cutest, most mom-loved headbands we sell, and they are ambitious in their own way;). Made with soft and stretchy materials, your baby will feel comfortable wearing them - and they add an adorable pop of color to any outfit you pick. If you're a Scorpio, you need these headbands today!

Sagittarius ~ Drool Bandana Bibs

What's In Your Diaper Bag Sagittarius Drool Bandana Bibs

For the fun, freedom-loving, optimistic, & spontaneous moms: you need baby products that keep up with your energy - and our Drool Bandana Bibs are it! Made with thick and absorbent materials, our bibs will keep your baby dry, clean, and warm (no matter how much they're teething). With nickel-free snaps on the back, you can adjust to your baby's size without scratching them or pulling their hair with scratchy velcro. If you're a Sagittarius and don't already have these stocked in your diaper bag, run!

Capricorn ~ On the Go Toys!

What's In Your Diaper Bag Capricorn Toys

For the busy, practical, sensitive, and overachieving mamas: you need something to entertain your babies while you're out there achieving all your dreams. Which means you likely stock your diaper bag with all the toys you need to keep your little ones preoccupied (the less meltdowns, the better). Thankfully, our Birch Bag has plenty of room for even the bulkiest baby toys, so no need to worry about taking up too much space. If you're a Capricorn, make sure to stock up on your kid's favorites next time to leave the house!

Aquarius ~ Chapstick, Bandaids, etc...

What's In Your Diaper Bag Aquarius Chapstick and Bandaids

For the smart, independent, generous, and kind mamas: you need all the little details in your diaper bag - which means bandaids, chapstick, tweezers, hair ties, diaper cream, and anything else you'd possibly need on the go. You know what your child needs, and you're the one who brings the "smart" things - the stuff everybody else forgets and slaps their forehead when they realize "I should have packed that!" If you're an Aquarius, run through your diaper bag to check if you have all the essentials (but let's be real, we both know they're already there;).

At the end of the day, each mama is prepared in her own way - and each mom is prepared to take care of their babies the best way they¬†can be taken care of! Make sure you have what you need, but no matter what sign you are just remember: you're doing great. ūü•į

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