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Cute, Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

Cute, Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

If you're like me, wrapping Christmas gifts is usually a late-night-last-minute Christmas Eve party in my bedroom with a pair of dull scissors in one hand and a nearly empty roll of scotch tape in the other.

There have been years I've turned up on Christmas morning bearing beautiful gifts in grocery bags and wrapped in whatever paper I could find. And let me tell you, nothing is quite as unjust as wrapping a beloved gift in whatever scraps are lying around the house.

I made a commitment this year to be different: to actually wrap my gifts, and nicely. I got stylish wrapping paper, twine, and a plethora of articles from Martha Stewart for inspiration.

Now, I didn't want to be ridiculous about it.

You know how some people get crazy about wrapping their gifts - everything has to be color-coordinated and wrapped so pretty you feel bad tearing it open. By the end of some of these "wrapping guides," the gift looks more like an oversized piece of origami than anything else.

This is the kind of stuff I found on some of these crazy gift wrapping guides:

Christmas gift wrapping origami

These are gorgeous, but they're also further from reality than Alice in Wonderland. No, I wanted to be realistic. And I know moms are all about being realistic. Sure, you want your gifts to look nice. But realistically, you can only do so much in the time you have to spruce them up.

So I made a realistic Christmas gift wrapping guide.

These ideas are simple, don't require any video to be followed, and most can be whipped together with household goods you likely already have.

Your gifts will look classy, coordinated, and cute this year - and you won't have to spend any extra time wrapping Christmas gifts either (because trust me, that complicated origami stuff would take me forever). Here's some realistic wrapping ideas:

Tie In Christmas Tree Trimmings

Decorating Christmas gifts with tree trimmings

Why let all your Christmas Tree Trimmings go to waste? Tuck a sprig or two into a bow on one of your Christmas gifts and your present will look professionally wrapped. If you don't have a live Christmas tree, take a few trimmings from the tree in your backyard - the neighbors won't notice.

Cinnamon Stick & Cider Recipe

Wrapping Christmas gifts with cinnamon sticks

This gift wrapping idea is perfect for newlyweds, grandparents, and other mamas. Simply tuck a cinnamon stick inside a twine bow on your present and slide a printed cider recipe underneath it. Adding these two things makes your gift smell good, look festive, and act as a gift all on its own!

Add Doilies

Wrapping Christmas gifts with doilies

A classic white doily taped onto a present can make it look 10x more put-together. And you won't feel bad tearing it open because they're so cheap! Glue these on or tuck them under a twine bow and your gift will outshine all the others.

Candy Canes!

Decorating Christmas gifts with candy canes

Tucking a candy cane under the bow on your present won't just add a sweet treat to your gift - it'll make your gift look festive and cute too! Plus, if you have an anxious kiddo to give gifts to on Christmas morning, letting them suck on a candy cane while they wait their turn is a good way to keep them distracted. Mom win ;)

Decorate With a Diaper Caddy

Rope Diaper Caddy Gift Basket

Giving gifts to babies or moms this year? This is the perfect (and easiest) way to 'wrap' their gifts. Tuck goodies like diapers, lotions, hair bows, bibs, and more inside the Gray Diaper Caddy and cover them with tissue paper. The Diaper Caddy acts as part of the gift and the 'wrapping' at the same time! Plus, you'll have an excuse to not wrap this one.

Gingerbread Tags

 Decorating Christmas gifts with gingerbread tags

This one's a little fancier, but it was too cute to exclude. Adding real gingerbread tags or buttons to your Christmas gifts this year can make all the difference. Plus, having a gingerbread tag baking day will involve the kids in gift wrapping too! Just follow a basic recipe like this one to make cute, custom tags for your family.

Wrap With Newspaper

Wrapping Christmas gifts in newspaper

Out of wrapping paper? Using newspaper to wrap your gifts is a surprisingly classy, vintage alternative that's easy as pie. Just make sure to wash your hands afterwards! The ink can make your fingers turn black after a while of wrapping gifts with newspaper fresh from your recycling bin.

Personalize With a Photo

Personalized Christmas gift with photo

We have so many printed photos lying around our house from the age-before-iPhones and I finally found a cute way to use them. Simply find a picture (old or recent!) of you with the person you're giving a gift to, and tape it to the outside of the gift. You won't have to write their name on the outside, and it's much more sentimental than simply wrapping a gift and calling it done.

Hopefully these ideas spark some inspiration to spruce up your Christmas gifts this year! I picked the most realistic and convenient ones I could find so you wouldn't have to sift through all the dramatic origami, yarn sculptures, and hot glue horrors on some of those gift wrapping guides.

Merry Christmas and happy wrapping!

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