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12 Weeks: What I Really Used

12 Weeks: What I Really Used

Our sweet, smiley and sometimes feisty Frankie turned 12 weeks yesterday. That means we are out of the "4th trimester" so she should be better adjusted to life "outside" and we should be figuring things out and sleeping more (funny!).

While I was pregnant I wrote a 5 Must-Haves blog post. Now, after a few months with our little babe, I'm ready to share what we really used those early days.

Multi-use Cover: We haven't taken Frankie many places these first few months (#CovidBaby) - but when we do go anywhere, these covers are clutch. You go to tons of doctor's appointments with newborns and with Covid and flu season, we were happy to have babe covered in the waiting room and when going in and out. The cover also protects her from weather and light when in the car seat and I've used it for nursing on-the-go.

Diaper Caddy: We spent a lot of time on the couch in those early days and not having to go upstairs to change (LOTS) of diapers is a big deal. The Rope Diaper Caddy holds all our changing essentials + spare Bandana Bibs, burp cloths, lip balm, etc. 

A lactation consultant. I cannot stress this enough for those breastfeeding. I had a really hard time the first few weeks and our incredible lactation consultant kept me going when I really did not want to. I'm so grateful I was able to learn and get the encouragement and support that I needed. Check with your insurance - we had four in-home appointments completely covered!

Velcro Swaddles: We "double-swaddle" in our household for bedtime. First, we use a Muslin Swaddle to wrap up babe and then we use these super handy, velcro Swaddlemes to keep her nice and snug. Pro-tip: use wash bags for laundering to keep the velcro from destroying all your muslin items 🤦

Original Birch Bag: I thought for sure with just one baby I would want the Mini, but I've been using the Original. I love BOTH of our diaper backpacks, but I have felt the need to over-prepare every time we leave the house and I have wanted all that extra space. Check out the Original vs. Mini comparison chart here.

Snuggleme: Again, lots of couch-time early on. Frankie napped for a while on the couch in the Snuggleme and it has been really handy to take to family/friend's houses with us when venturing out so she can nap anywhere.

Honorable Mention: The Hatch, Zutano Booties, Magnetic Sleepers (mind blown! I will never forget my husband at 3AM telling me to buy 40 of these), Baby Bjorn Bouncer

What were your favorite items in the early days home with baby? 

One Month with Frankie

Frankie's One Month Photo in a Matilda Headband

2 Months with Frankie
Frankie's Two Month Photo in a Anne Headband

3 Months with Frankie
Frankie's Three Month Photo in a Grace Headband

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