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6 Useful Products Moms Need to Crush New Year’s Resolutions

6 Useful Products Moms Need to Crush New Year’s Resolutions

'Tis the season for new years resolutions - and if you're like me, for many of them to fall apart. Maybe you've resolved to finally hit the gym twice a week again. Maybe you've vowed to declutter and organize your home. Maybe you just want to get outdoors more with the kids and live a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Whatever your resolutions are, we want to help you accomplish them.

Like I mentioned in our last blog, I made a resolution to read the entire Bible in 2021. In my head, I had this romantic idea that I'd crack open my physical Bible and read it by candlelight every night. The reality is, that happened maybe once. Truthfully, I accomplished my goal by reading mostly on my phone because it was convenient.

My point is, it's easier to accomplish goals if you make it convenient to accomplish them. And as the busy mama you are, we want to fully equip you with what you need to finish all your new years resolutions.

We've collected some of our favorite products to match your new years resolutions and we know they'll help you reach your goals. Whether it be fitness, fresh air, or organization - we've got your back.

Let's dive in:

Organization New Years Resolutions

Coming off of Christmas, I'm sure your house looks much like mine: cluttered and waaay too messy. Last week, my room was practically begging me to organize it, but I didn't know where to begin.

Thankfully, we have quite a few classy storage solutions at Parker Baby Co, so we pulled together our two favorites. Here's to keeping your home organized in 2022!

Rope Diaper Caddy

One of our favorite storage solutions here at Parker Baby Co is our Rope Diaper Caddy. It comes in a classic White or modern Gray, so it easily blends in with your home decor but stands out for all the right reasons. With three compartments, it makes for a great diaper caddy, journal organization caddy, or closet organizer.

The long handles make for easy transportation between rooms, which is great for on-the-go mamas. Perhaps all your baby's Christmas toys have a new home for 2022;).

Parker Baby Co White Rope Caddy

Rope Storage Basket

Maybe the Rope Diaper Caddy isn't quite big enough to contain the wild mess in your house right now. If that sounds like you, not judgement (in fact, that sounds pretty relatable). Our Rope Storage Basket is perfect for messy laundry rooms, kids bedrooms, and living rooms.

With handles to carry from room to room, this basket makes for a great tool to declutter and organize. Collect dirty laundry all in one place without it looking like a disgraceful pile, or carry room-to-room and collect clutter as you go so you can organize it all at once. This basket is a 2022 staple!

Parker Baby Co Rope Storage Basket

Fresh Air New Years Resolutions

For those of you vowing to spend more time outdoors in 2022, kudos! That's a tough goal to start in the middle of winter, but not impossible. We know how stressful it can be to drag all the kids outside for some fresh air, so we want to help.

We gathered two of our favorite on-the-go mama solutions so taking the kids to the park isn't quite so stressful. Once you're fully prepared, leaving the comfort of your home won't seem so daunting! Here are our favorites:

Drool Bandana Bibs

These bibs are great solutions for drooling babies who are out and about. Keeping up with your little one's constant drooling is a hassle, especially when you're outside. But with our soft, absorbent Drool Bandana Bibs, you won't have to worry about keeping your babe dry so much. Just snap one on and they're ready to go!

My personal favorite are the Estes Set and the Vail Set.

The Estes Set is made up of 8 solid colors that will go with any baby's stylish outfits. They are just too cute! And for my personal all-time favorite, the Vail Set, you just can't go wrong. Designed in adorable pastel colors that will match any little princess's outfits, you can see why we love them so much!

Parker Baby Co Vail Bandana Bib Set

Gray Buffalo Quilt

Taking babies outside is a bit of a chore, but so healthy and important! Make spending outdoors with baby easier by laying down our Gray Buffalo Quilt in the grass so your baby is comfy and happy. You won't have to worry about your infant being bothered by the scratchy grass, and they won't be able to grab any twigs to stuff in their mouths (always a plus).

Our Gray Buffalo Quilt is also a great picnic blanket for toddlers who want to eat their lunch outside. At 47" x 47", it's big enough for your kids to sit on and eat over at the park. And with a classic, neutral design, it's great for both boys and girls!

Parker Baby Co Gray Buffalo Quilt

Fitness New Years Resolutions

Hoping to finally hit the gym twice a week again in 2022? Let's face it, most fitness resolutions grow stale after a few months of hard work. Gym memberships aren't renewed, tennis shoes grow dusty, and the yoga mat you swore you'd use is still sitting in its packaging in the basement. We've all been there.

We pulled together two of our favorite products that can help with your fitness new years resolutions. We know they will help you crush your fitness goals for 2022.

Birch Bag Mini

Getting the gym is pretty daunting when you basically have to take a truck load of baby products with you everywhere you go. Thankfully, our Birch Bag Mini can help you stay organized, compact, and sane during gym trips.

With an insulated bottle pocket, mesh organizers, and mommy compartments, you'll have a place to store everything you need. Plus, with a compact style, it will be easy to carry with you on any errand.

Just hand your Birch Mini to a gym nursery worker and you'll be ready for a stress-free workout. And when it comes to working out, anything that makes it easier is a must!

Parker Baby Co Birch Bag Mini

Wet Dry Bag

This is an absolute must if you need to take your kids to the gym with with you! Keeping a Wet Dry Bag in your diaper bag is key to having a stress-free workout. If your little one has an accident, childcare can easily toss their soiled clothes inside.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your Birch Bag Mini, our Wet Dry Bag will boost your motivation to work out by helping you be better prepared. 

Parker Baby Co Wet Dry Bag

Hopefully these products will jumpstart your motivation and help you accomplish all your new years resolutions! We know it's tough to stay consistent with little ones upturning your schedule, but at Parker Baby Co, we want to make your life easier. With a little bit of motivation and preparation, you'll be ready to make 2022 the best one yet.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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